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Top five classic movie cars

Top five classic movie cars

You go to the movies to see the Hollywood stars or British thesps in their pomp, but sometimes you can leave thinking about the cars they drive more than those famous faces. This can be even truer when you think about classic films of decades gone by where you actually cannot remember what happens in the plot, yet the vehicle is clear as day...

Putting together a top five for any topic is difficult and it goes without saying that some favourites will have been missed, but the list below offers up five cars that have become completely synonymous with a movie and can be conjured up in the imaginations of generations of movie-goers...  

James Bond's Aston Martin

Beginning in 1964 with 'Goldfinger', Aston Martin and James Bond have forged a memorable partnership over the past five decades. Fact fans may be interested to note that Ian Fleming originally wrote that Bond drove a DB Mark III, but the film came out shortly after Aston Martin released the DB5, which has ultimately become the car most associated with the character. Later films saw the DBS, V8 Vantage and V12 Vanquish featuring, but it is the DB5 (six appearances) which sticks in the memory.  

Pontiac Trans Am ('Smokey and the Bandit', 'Cannonball')

Burt Reynolds was at the wheel in 'Smokey and the Bandit', but many eyes were fixed on the car as it pulled off incredibly stunts and helped the Bandit get away from Sheriff Bufurd T Justice (still one of the great villain names of all time) at every turn. There are very things that Reynolds took his hat off for, but you can imagine he at least doffed his hat to his vehicular co-star. It helped sell huge quantities of the car in the US, so it certainly made an impression on the average consumer.

An earlier model of the car was also the big winner in 'Cannonball' - another flick that drew much of its pulling power from the stunts on offer.

Marty McFly's DeLorean

'Back to the Future' is such an enduring film and the unusual nature of the central vehicle makes it memorable for modern viewers too. DeLoreans are no longer in production so everything about it - the odd doors opening vertically, the odd turbos at the back - is something of a mystery to many younger fans. Granted, the idea of being able to travel through time at the gentle pace of 88 mph is perhaps dwarfed by the pace of your more modern petrolhead films, but 'Fast 5' supercars didn't have a flux capacitor, so who cares?


The Ghostbusters wagon is just a bonkers piece of machinery, with its retro stylings and ghostbuster equipment mounted on the top. At its heart it is a Cadillac Eldorado Miller-Meteor, but the way the set designers used lights and whistles to dress up the Ecto-1 made it seem more like something from outer space. Sadly for fans, the actual prop is apparently pretty much rotting in a film production lot - a petition was put together in 2013 to persuade Sony to sell it on so it can be restored, which would surely make a lot of people happy...


The so-called Love Bug may have had to suffer the indignity of being the subject of a Lyndsay Lohan reboot in 2005, but the original movies still hold enough sway to make this a classic. The Volkswagen Beetle, with its red--white-and-blue stripes and '53' badge, is still iconic to this day. Whether or not people can own one that is capable of driving itself, the love is still there for Herbie.

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