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How often do you need to service a BMW?

How often do you need to service a BMW?

Servicing Your BMW



Ensuring that your vehicle remains in pristine condition and performs to optimum standard, a service is an important part of any car maintenance plan and will help to maximise the lifespan of your BMW.

Whether you want part of your BMW serviced, or you're looking to get your whole car inspected, a service will ensure that your vehicle is in sound working order, while also detecting any potential issues before they escalate.

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Despite popular belief, not every BMW needs to be serviced at the same mileage milestone. However, BMW does recommend that you get a service every year or if you drive your car a lot, every 10,000 miles.



How do you know when you need a service?

Your car needs to be serviced if a year has passed since the last service or if you've driven 10,000 miles. The brand's newest technology (BMW Service Tech) will let you know that you are due a service using its Condition Based Service (CBS) dashboard InfoDisplay. This is only available in newer BMW cars. Other signs that you may need a service include:

  • The check engine light appears on the dashboard
  • Your car is making unusual noises
  • You keep stalling despite being in the right gear
  • You're experiencing difficulties getting up to speed
  • Unusual break activity



Why is a service important?

No matter how often you use your car, it's vital that you recognise the importance of regular services.

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Identifying minor problems before they become major issues, regular servicing can be the difference between your car running smoothly and it being at risk of needing unexpected, costly repairs. Regular servicing also provides peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and in a roadworthy condition. During the service, essential checks are carried out on critical parts of your car, including the brakes and suspension.

Save money

Regular servicing will spot issues early on, allowing them to be fixed before they become more costly. Not only this, but it can also make your BMW more efficient, reducing rolling resistance and fuel consumption.


The better care you take of your car, the longer it is likely to last. Regular servicing will also help the car retain its value and ensure you get the best possible price if you decide to sell it on.



What are the benefits of a BMW service at Carbase?


There are lots of benefits that come hand-in-hand with a BMW service at Carbase, including:

  • A service will keep the vehicle running smoothly for many years
  • Ensure that vital parts don't let you down when you need them most
  • All work carried out on your car is by BMW-trained technicians using genuine BMW parts
  • Save costs in the long run
  • Your BMW will be maintained to the highest standards
Mechanic inspecting a BMW wheel




What does your BMW Service include?


BMW Service Inclusive

- Oil services
- Renew air filter
- Renew microfilter
- Renewal of brake fluid
- Oil top-ups between services
- Vehicle check
- Renew fuel filter (diesel models only)


BMW Service Inclusive Plus

- All of the above service elements
- Renewal of rear brake pads and discs
- Renewal of clutch assembly
- Renewal of front brake pads and discs
- Renewal of wiper blade rubbers



Find out more

If you are looking to buy a new used BMW and need your current one serviced, contact Carbase today. Our expert team of friendly staff are more than happy to help you select your next used vehicle today or book you into one of our auto centres.

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