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Whether it's travelling to a job interview or commuting to work, vehicles pick the worst possible times to break down - and in many cases, can leave you with a huge bill to settle on problems you didn't even know existed. While there's no way to stop your vehicle from potentially breaking down, what you can do is make sure you're prepared.
The more mileage your car or van does, the more likely it is to break down - and repair bills are rarely cheap. So, what's the best way to ensure you're protected against unexpected costs and costly vehicle problems? An extended warranty from RAC, designed for drivers just like you.


Why would I need an extended warranty?

Costly problems can quickly drain your savings - and in some cases, can lead to you having to choose between keeping your vehicle and paying a huge bill or getting rid and doing without. If the second option wouldn't work for you, a RAC extended warranty is the best choice for you. As a RAC Approved Dealer, at Carbase, we're able to offer a high-quality warranty that goes above and beyond what manufacturers can provide. Keeping your vehicle on the road and reducing your overall costs, while ensuring that all-important peace of mind. Is RAC car warranty any good, find out more here >



Carbase RAC Warranty vs. franchised dealer warranties

There's a reason all vehicles from Carbase come with a 3-month RAC Warranty on purchase - other warranties simply can't compare. RAC extended warranties are great value for what you get. In contrast, a one-year warranty from an Audi dealer for a used car could cost as much as £1476*, while a BMW warranty could cost £1203*. That's massive savings! Alongside the higher standard of service you receive, RAC comes out on top every time.




How it works

RAC extended warranties are easy and convenient to add to your finance purchase when you buy your car from Carbase. Or if you're considering extending your warranty after your three months free are up, it's easy to get set up with a direct debit today. Instead of one flat service, RAC divides their warranty up into distinct levels to suit your vehicle's specific needs.




In terms of availability, you can choose to extend your warranty for up to four years in one go - which your future self might just thank you for. If you're looking for a comprehensive, affordable and practical warranty, then RAC is the number one choice. A household name for motorist support and breakdowns, you don't want to trust anyone else with your vehicle when you can trust the experts.



Want to know more about how RAC warranties work, and what you get? This video is an excellent place to start:



How a warranty works

Covering the basics of how a warranty works and what it does, this video has all you need to know. To make an informed decision on whether a warranty is a right fit for you, this is the place to start. Find out how many cars break down each year >

RAC Warranty

What can RAC offer that franchised dealer warranties can't? This video goes into detail about the RAC warranty service, including extended warranties, to help you see what makes their service the best in the business.


Looking for peace of mind?

Then our RAC Extended Warranty is the ideal choice for you. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about whether RAC is the best fit for you. With proven success, from replacing turbo units on VW Golfs to replacing gearboxes on Audi A4's, you could potentially save thousands by investing in your safety net today. Get in touch now for a free quote on an extended RAC warranty for your vehicle.



Frequently asked questions

What is a car warranty?

Also known as mechanical breakdown insurance, a car warranty is a service that's designed to act as a 'safety net' in the event of your car breaking down. While not all warranties are equal, and policies differ in what they cover; generally a car warranty will cover all significant parts of repair in the event of a failure. Alongside direct repair costs, these kinds of warranties also include additional factors such as labour and hiring a replacement car for the duration of the repair.

How does an extended warranty from RAC work?

Instead of offering one flat rate for their car warranties, RAC tailors their services to your specific needs, with different tiers and lengths of plans offered as standard. The videos included above on how car warranties work with RAC are an excellent place to start, or you can get in touch with our team to find out more.

What's covered under RAC warranties?

There are different tiers of warranty available from RAC. Here are the basics:


How much does it cost for an RAC warranty?

The price of your warranty will depend on numerous factors, including the length of the policy and the tier of cover. Get a quote for your specific vehicle today by getting in touch with us now.

If I have a RAC warranty, how do I make a claim?

If you need repairs on a vehicle that's covered under warranty, call 0330 100 3813 to access the help you need and to start the recovery and repairs process.

Is the RAC warranty worth buying?

If you want complete peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle. All too often, repairs can make a massive dent in your savings at the worst possible time. Having a RAC warranty in place can ensure that you're covered, with no unexpected bills on the horizon.

Should I buy an extended car warranty?

That's entirely up to you, but our professional recommendation would be to always have a warranty in place, keeping your car on the road and keeping your costs down even when a costly breakdown or failure occurs.

Can I get RAC Warranty cover on my van?

Yes, RAC also offers cover for all our Vanbase commercial vehicles - so drop us a line to find out more about whether this kind of warranty is the right fit for you.


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