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As a family run company we are committed to a customer-focused approach to business where trust, transparency and fairness are paramount, and this applies to all our finance deals. The long-term relationship we enjoy with our customers is testament to the quality of the customer experience they receive, the Carbase Cars they buy and the value of the finance we are able to provide.

What is Car Finance at Carbase?

At Carbase we keep used car finance simple to understand and quick to apply for. This ensures we can secure your car loan within minutes/hours of application, ensuring you can drive away as soon as you're ready.

How Carbase works

From finding car finance to getting you on the road, our team is on hand to help you make the best decision!

Car finance explained

From helping you find the best finance options for your circumstances or cutting through the jargon, we're here to help with our car finance guides and helpful staff.

Ask our experts

Need help with any part of the car buying or finance process? Your Carbase experts are just a click away to answer your questions.

We specialise in Hire Purchase Finance (HP) and most of our customers who buy a car on finance will buy on HP. Learn exactly how to buy a car on Hire Purchase Finance.

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While not quite as well known, Personal Contract Payment (PCP) does have advantages for customers looking for a nearly new vehicle. Learn more about the options for specialist PCP used car finance.

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What about my credit rating?

In this challenging economic climate many of our customers struggle with low credit scores, however this need not be a barrier to upgrading to a smart new Carbase Car. Our Business Managers are experts in securing lines of credit and whether you are looking for prime, sub-prime or no deposit finance, our managers will know where and how to get the best car finance for those with a bad credit rating.

I've been refused car finance

Been turned down before? Don't worry, Carbase offers a wide range of options that can meet your needs.

Finding finance with bad credit

Carbase can help people in a wide range of circumstances and affordability, putting you in control of your finance

Does Carbase guarantee finance?

No-one can guarantee finance but we do our best to get you the car finance deal you want and can afford at the best possible rates.

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How do I buy my car?

We can help you find car finance, provide part exchange valuations of your current car and guide you through your journey to getting on the road with your new Carbase car.

Buying a used car with Carbase

Fear not, getting your hands on that dream set of wheels can be incredibly straightforward, as our no-nonsense first-time buyers' guide shows.

Car buying guides

Covering everything from researching and buying a car to owning and maintaining it - our handy car buying advice guides have everything you need to know to help you get the best finance deals on and off the road.

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