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DPF & Exhaust Systems

This section covers the diesel particulate filters and exhaust system of your vehicles and why it is so important to understand the basics so you can maintain your car or van.

If you own a diesel car then chances are you have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Over time, these soot-removing filters become clogged, and should be cleaned periodically to avoid costly repairs. Our DPF Deep Clean is a professional workshop treatment designed to clean partially blocked DPFs with some soot build-up. It includes an inspection of your DPF to understand the cause of the blockage, a direct flush of the filter and a test drive of at least 20 minutes.

At the Carbase Autocentres, along with the DPF flush, we also offer for your car or van to have a DPF Maintenance or Cataclean Treatment.

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Why Choose Carbase Autocentre?

At the Carbase | Vanbase Autocentres we know how important your vehicle is to you and our highly trained staff are here to help you keep things running beautifully. We are an RAC Approved Dealer and our Autocentre Technicians adhere to the RAC Approved Preparation Standard, so you can rest assured that you are getting a top-class service from a dealer you can trust.

Have you suddenly developed a problem with your vehicle? Don't fret, with Payment Assist you can spread the cost of those unexpected bills and ease the burden on your wallet!

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What is a DPF?

Diesel particulate filters are filters that capture and safely store exhaust waste particles and have been fitted in diesel vehicles during the last two decades to help them adhere to environmental regulations. As it traps soot, they need to be maintained or replaced in order to keep them functioning properly. Learn more >

What are the basics of maintaining an exhaust system?

Your exhaust is key to expelling and managing the harmful gasses created by your vehicle, it does this by converting them into less harmful gasses. They also help you reduce noise pollution. The longer you drive your car the more carbon dioxide will fill and cover the inside of your exhaust system. The buildup looks dirty and simultaneously reduces the performance of your exhaust by congesting the system. This can be maintained by regular cleaning of the exhaust system, which can also help you maintain the longevity of your car and prevent costly repairs. You can use specialist cleaning formulas, degreasing agents, and even just regular soap and water using steel wool and rags.

What is a Cataclean Treatment?

Catalytic converter cleaner quickly burns off built-up carbon and reduces emissions by up to 60%. It's ideal if you're concerned about the effects of your vehicle's emissions on the environment or if you believe your car may fail the MOT emissions test. It is especially beneficial to cars which are subject to urban driving with lots of stopping and starting.

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Carbase Autocentre Locations

Here at Carbase we have Autocentres available in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and Lympsham. We give a warm welcome to both exisiting and new customers. If you have any questions, our friendly team are on hand to help!

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