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Payment Assist

Payment Assist

Spread the Cost of Your Bill


Here at the Carbase Autocentres, we understand the possibility that your car or van can go wrong unexpectedly, leaving you with a bill you weren't prepared for. This is why we offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of Payment Assist! Take away the stress today and split your payment into 4 equal amounts... and best of all, it's interest free and fee free!







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Is there a minimum / maximum invoice value to qualify?

Yes, the minimum invoice value is £100 and the maximum invoice value is £3,000.

Will I incur interest fees?

No Fees. No Interest. It's that simple!

What is required to be approved?

You must have a valid UK based debit card to be accepted by Payment Assist for finance. Credit cards and certain debit cards are not allowed, these include prepaid debit cards and cards that do not allow continuous payments to be set up.

Will the soft search affect my credit rating?

Your credit rating will not be affected.

Can I pay my plan off early?

Yes, there are no costs for paying your plan off early.



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