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Your Car or Van's Brakes

Although they are some of the less glamorous areas of maintaining your car, brake checks and fluid changes are incredibly important to maintaining a healthy vehicle that runs at maximum efficiency and safety.

Here at the Carbase Autocentres, we offer Free Brake Checks along with additional services including: Brake Fluid Change, Brake Pads and Brake Discs.

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Why Choose Carbase Autocentre?

At the Carbase | Vanbase Autocentres we know how important your vehicle is to you and our highly trained staff are here to help you keep things running beautifully. We are an RAC Approved Dealer and our Autocentre Technicians adhere to the RAC Approved Preparation Standard, so you can rest assured that you are getting a top-class service from a dealer you can trust.

Have you suddenly developed a problem with your vehicle? Don't fret, with Payment Assist you can spread the cost of those unexpected bills and ease the burden on your wallet!

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What does a brake check involve?

Starting with a visual inspection of all the car brake system components, your car's brake check will usually be performed by specialist technicians to determine the quality and status of your brakes. The assessment includes a checkup of your vehicle's brake pads, hoses, discs, shoes, callipers, discs, and handbrake linkages.

What is a fluid change and why is it important?

A fluid change primarily focuses on ensuring the safety of your braking system and helping upkeep all of your brake components. In simple terms, a mechanic will drain your old fluid and refill it with new fluid. You should change your brake fluid every 24 months or 24,000 miles - whichever comes first.

I'm part of the Carbase Owners Club, do I get a discount?

Yes, our valued members will receive 10% off!

Carbase Autocentre Locations

Here at Carbase we have Autocentres available in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and Lympsham. We give a warm welcome to both exisiting and new customers. If you have any questions, our friendly team are on hand to help!

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