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Quick Guide To Buying A Used Volkswagen

Quick Guide To Buying A Used Volkswagen

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen has always been associated with good quality, accessible cars for all people. In fact, that's exactly what its name translates as: People's Car. In the eight decades which have elapsed, VW has become a standard bearer for some iconic vehicles. Whether it's the immeasurably popular T2 Camper, the iconic Beetle or the superstar Golf, VW has been at the forefront of manufacturing cars that set people's hearts racing. 

With demand so high, people are always on the lookout for second-hand VWs, confident they will be buying a safe and reliable vehicle, as well as into that rich and illustrious history. So, if you are considering a used vee-dub, what factors should you take into account?



The price

One area that is both simultaneously positive and negative is the issue of price. Volkswagens hold their values better than most other marques on the market. This means that anyone buying, say a used VW Tiguan, may find some of its competitors are notably cheaper. On the other hand, it means that buyers who treat their vehicle well and maintain it can be sure that the value won't plummet dramatically, unlike with those competitors. 


The model

If you're not sure which model you want to go for, then it might help to know that the Golf remains the most popular of VW's range. This, in theory, should mean there's a good supply of them on the used car market and, should you wish to part with it, you shouldn't have a problem selling it on. The Golf, while having a reputation for being the car of choice for boy racers, is in fact one of the best options for families, incorporating quality, safety and performance.


Previous owners

As noted above, one thing that VW does better than most others is manufacture immensely desirable cars. Thankfully, many also come with immobilisers as standard, so theft shouldn't be an issue. Buyers of used vehicles would be wise to check this, however, just in case. 

The desirability factor also means it's easy to segment different types of driver based on the vehicle, so it should in theory be easy to find cars which have had one or two careful owners. Polos are favourable among the middle aged or even pensioners, so are likely to have been taken care of during their lifetime. That's not to say that the speed demon Golf GTi owners haven't looked after their car equally well, of course. Just ensure you get an idea of how the previous owner looked after the car. Examine log books to see how the mileage increased during their ownership and see what work, if any, was carried out. 

VWs have a solid reputation for being top quality, reliable cars - and nearly 80 years on, that reputation remains. If you're curious, why not browse our selection of used Volkswagens or come in to the showroom? 


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