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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Explained

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Explained

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Explained

Handsfree on another level... this amazing feature is available on selected cars and vans and allows you to use your smartphone safely and legally in your vehicle!


How it works

Carplay and Android Auto takes what you would normally use and do on your smartphone and puts it into your car or vans built-in display. Being able to make calls, send and receive text messages, listen to your music and change playlists, along with getting directions via Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze being displayed on your screen, all while you're focused on driving on the road.

Watch the Android Auto video >

Watch how to use Apple CarPlay >

It's all about control

CarPlay and Android Auto works with voice control along with your car or van's actual controls, buttons, touchpad and touchscreen. The Apps have been redesigned so that while you use them, your eyes and hands stay where they are supposed to.

Features and Benefits


Using either Apple or Google Maps will help you lead the way easily. With voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, up to date maps and it doesn't stop there! You can search along your route for the nearby petrol stations, coffee shops, restaurants and much more! Safety also counts, advising what lanes to be in along with the app displaying clearly what the speed limit of the road is!


Need to make a call? Answer a call or return one? All you have to do is ask, just say the word and voola!


Listen, reply and send messages all while keeping your hands on the wheel.

CarPlay "Hey Siri, tell James I'll be there in 10 mins"

Android Auto "Hey Google, tell Simon that's great, I'm already there"


Stream your playlists while on the road. Alongside your music from your iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play, you will also be able to stream from your third party apps such as Spotify. Search by artists, choose your favourite playlist, all from the controls on your car or van!


Is it compatible with my car/van?

You can view the full up to date list of compatible makes and models here:

Apple CarPlay >

Android Auto >


Phone models either need to be iPhone 5 and up or Android phone running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

Third Party Apps

The good news is that CarPlay and Android Auto are constantly being updated to include more and more third party apps! 

How do I set it up?

To use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, simply just connect your smartphone to the compatible vehicle or radio through USB. (Android Auto requires app download)


Our team are on hand to assist with any further questions or queries, we're happy to help!

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