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Carbase Christmas Party 2023

Carbase Christmas Party 2023

Celebrating In Style

'Tis the season, and Carbase knows how to celebrate! This year's Christmas party, held at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, was a big thank-you to the hardworking staff who've given their all throughout the year.

The venue, a cultural gem in the heart of Bristol, set the perfect scene for an evening filled with joy and team spirit. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as everyone arrived, dressed to the nines in glitz and glamour. It was an evening filled with delectable food, refreshing drinks, non-stop dancing, and an abundance of unforgettable fun!


Let's Play a Game!

The spirit of giving took centre stage with our charity fundraising games that added an extra dash of excitement to the festivities. From the festive raffle to a lively game of heads or tails, the atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as participants vied for the chance to win while contributing to our fundraising efforts.


Carbase Team Dig Deep


One of the highlights of the evening was the charity prize raffle; all the proceeds going to the Bristol & Weston Hospitals charity, supporting the Bristol Children's Hospital, adding a meaningful twist to the festivities. The 'Bristol & Weston Hospitals charity' does vital work, providing support to local hospitals, including Bristol Children's Hospital. They make a real difference in the lives of young patients. Carbase's choice to direct the raffle proceeds to this cause reflects our commitment to community impact beyond the business.


Our third-party suppliers and partners are pivotal to Carbase's success, contributing not only quality services but also generously donating prizes that add excitement to our events. Their commitment to excellence enhances our services, making a significant impact on our journey. We appreciate their contributions and value our collaborative efforts.

Special thanks to: iVendi, PcComms, VAuto, UKT360, Scotts, RAC, Motors, Naked Signs, JudgeService, Auto Trader, VPS, Vertical Leap, Infinity, 3, and Presto Finance!


Team Carbase - Thank You!

The Carbase team and attendees blew us away with their incredible generosity! The prize raffle was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing fantastic gifts that left everyone on the edge of their seats. The result? We raised over £2,500 for charity! This outstanding contribution is set to make a lasting impact, providing crucial support to children in need. We're not just pleased; we're over the moon with gratitude!

"I want to thank each and every one of you. It's not about one single person, we are a collective and we are the sum of our parts" - Steve Winter, Founder of Carbase



If you'd like to be part of a team that not only celebrates success but also embraces the joy of giving back, consider joining Carbase-where every festive gathering is an opportunity to make a positive impact while creating unforgettable memories with a spirited group of colleagues.

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