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Jobs at Carbase

Jobs at Carbase

Achieving excellence in all aspects is imperative for us to earn our reputation and gain the trust and confidence of our customers. Our business is founded on the principles of trust, transparency, and fairness. It's not just the task itself that matters, but rather how it's executed that ultimately determines how our performance is perceived by both our customers and staff.

Our objective is to nurture and empower our staff, while also striving to make a constructive impact on the communities we serve. Our values embody the fundamental principles that guide our work, and they embody both our present identity and our future goals:



Collaboration as a team is crucial for achieving our objectives. We will join forces with our customers and exert our utmost effort to deliver top-notch service. Each member of the team will contribute, take satisfaction in their work, and pursue excellence. We will recognize and respect the contributions of others, and we will ensure that we provide mutual support, inspiration, and growth opportunities.


Demonstrate appreciation and regard for individuals from varied backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches, and ideas. We will treat every person with honor and consideration, upholding the same standards of treatment we would expect for ourselves or our loved ones. We will attentively listen to others and cherish their contributions.


An unwavering commitment to integrity in everything that we do.

Customer Centred

Always walking in our customer's shoes ? Passionate about delivering excellence, and not accepting second best.

Growth Mindset

Curious, 'Can-do' in approach, Seeking opportunities to grow and develop, Having fun celebrating milestone successes as well as the big wins.


Making it personal, Having courage to make tough calls, Operating at pace and recognising when collaboration is key to success.


For each other, our teams, and the communities in which we operate.




Health and Well-being

Exciting update! Carbase has partnered with BEN, an exceptional charity dedicated to providing lifelong support to individuals within the automotive industry, with a specific emphasis on health and wellness.

More about Ben >





At Carbase, we acknowledge that our triumphs are attributed to the drive, enthusiasm, and diligence of our staff. To show our appreciation for their labor, we aim to provide a competitive compensation and benefits package.

If you join our team you will receive the following, depending on your role and length of service



Christmas Party!

The most anticipated event of the year! Dust off your dancing shoes for the Carbase Christmas party - when our employees and their significant others gather to unwind and celebrate in style.


Carbase takes pride in backing important charities in their endeavors. Previous initiatives have included sponsoring Weston FC under 15's in the Gothia Cup, generating funds for Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity in aid of our local Children's Hospital, and numerous others. We have partnered with 'BEN' and aspire to participate in their workplace events whenever feasible.


Children's Football Team Shirts - Weston-Super-Mare FC under 15's


Annually, members of our management team attend nomination and award ceremonies, such as the Used Car Dealership Awards. Our accolades include 'Most Improved Dealership of the Year' at the Motor Trader Industry Awards, and finalists for 'Used Car Retailer of the Year,' 'Digital Initiative of the Year,' and the 'Social Media Award!' We are also delighted to have gained 'Business Initiative of the Year' at the Auto Trader Retailer Awards, surpassing 13,500 other dealerships! We are determined to earn even more industry accolades as we continue to grow.




These individuals are the embodiment of our enterprise. Amidst the energetic and dynamic ambiance of our bustling setting, they demonstrate extensive knowledge, expertise, and a fervent passion for automobiles, fueling their determination to prosper.

Servicing and MOT

Our go-to for servicing, repairs, and MOT. These teams are responsible for ensuring the roadworthiness of the cars we sell and fulfilling the needs of our loyal patrons.

Site Facilities

The responsibilities of this team encompass the transportation of vehicles, charging of batteries, inspection of lights and fluid levels, and maintenance of an orderly and well-kept site.

Contact Centre

The initial point of interaction with our clientele, offering guidance and assistance in a manner that is professional, cordial, and amicable. These individuals tirelessly attend to incoming calls, prioritizing speedy and efficient resolution of all inquiries.

Finance and Accounts

The command centre of our enterprise, these individuals oversee the inflow and outflow of cash, ensuring the accuracy of financial records and the fiscal well-being of our company.

Marketing and Advertising

The vital core of our brand, this team is responsible for garnering the appropriate level of attention for our company through strategic placement in optimal locations. The Advertising department is central to the merchandising process, focused on crafting specifications, visual cues, and striking imagery for our vehicles.


The commitment to quality and attention to detail is what sets the Carbase Preparation team apart, using their expertise to ensure that each vehicle is in top condition and meets our high standards.

Human Resources

At Carbase, our employees are our most critical clientele. The team responsible for training, overseeing, acknowledging, and compensating staff members ensures that each individual is well-prepared, effectively managed, and appropriately recognized for their contributions.


The versatile General Admin teams provide crucial support to various areas of the business, including Sales, Collections, Stocking, Banking, Fleet management, and even handling post-related tasks. With their diverse range of skills and knowledge, they are capable of tackling multiple responsibilities, making them invaluable assets to the organisation.



Equality and Diversity

We are fully committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. This means that we do not tolerate any form of discrimination and ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of their gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, cultural background, religion or belief, age, disability or any other characteristic.

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