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Reserve and collect your next car

Reserve and collect your next car

Reserve and collect your next car

What is reserve and collect?

Carbase are pleased to introduce the new reserve and collect function to help make the process of finding and buying your next car as quick and easy as possible. Simply browse the vehicles on sale, and once you've found the one that you are interested in buying, the "hold/test drive" function will then provide you with two simple options. You can either book a test drive, in which case we will keep you updated as to the car's availability - or you can choose to hold a car or van. For a simple, fully refundable £99 fee, you can hold the car or van you are interested in. By holding it, your chosen vehicle will be taken off sale and marked 'On Hold' at - so you don't risk it going out of stock whilst you find a suitable time for your test drive.

This quick and easy process will save you time in store, and also ensures that you won't miss out on your ideal car. Once you've reserved your vehicle, we work hard to get it ready for you, meaning that if you like it, it's ready to drive away the very same day!


How does it work?

We've deliberately kept the reservation function as straightforward as possible. Simply pay a £99 fully refundable fee through one of the secure payment mechanisms available on our website, and the car will be reserved for three working days. You can then arrange to come and test drive your chosen vehicle at a convenient time. During the test drive, you will be given the option to approve the vehicle. If you like it, you can simply drive the car away the same day. If you decide against it - your £99 reservation fee is fully refundable, so it really is win-win!


Reserve and collect: Frequently asked questions

Save yourself time and energy by reserving your next vehicle through our simple reserve and collect function. This stress-free process is deliberately designed to keep things as quick and straightforward as possible. The fully refundable fee simply takes your chosen car or van off our sales listings, meaning that you can be assured it will be available for a test drive. Once you test drive it, just decide whether it's right for you. If it is - great, you can drive away the same day. If it's not quite right, then we promise to refund your reservation fee, no quibble, no problem.

If you want to find out more about the process to reserve and collect a car or van of your choice through Carbase, we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Can I reserve a car at Carbase?

Yes - reserving a car is quick and easy. Just pay a fully refundable £99 fee, safely and securely through our online service. You can pay on your credit or debit card, or using other online payment systems like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What do you mean when you say fully refundable?

It's just that. The £99 fee allows you to reserve and collect a car of your choice. If you test drive it, and decide against it - we'll refund the fee in full. If you decide you prefer a different vehicle, you can switch your reservation fee to that car instead.

How long is the reservation valid for?

Once you reserve a vehicle, it will be placed on hold for you and removed from our sales listings for the next three working days if it is a stock vehicle. If the vehicle is in preparation, it will be placed on hold and removed from our sales listings for three days from the day it is ready.

I've reserved a vehicle - now what?

Once you've reserved the vehicle you would like, the next stage is to book your test drive and approval. A member of our team will be able to advise on the dates and times available for this. When you visit, you will be able to test drive the vehicle, and give it your seal of approval! If you like the car, it will be ready for you to drive it away that same day - consider it like a click and collect, but for cars!

What if I decide against purchasing a car that I've reserved?

Not a problem at all! If you visit us and decide that you aren't happy with the vehicle, whatever the reason, we are always happy to issue you a refund. You can also transfer the deposit to another vehicle, if something else catches your eye whilst you're here.

I'm looking for a van, not a car - can I still reserve a van?

Yes, absolutely! We also offer the option to reserve and collect commercial vehicles from Vanbase. The same process applies, so once you've found the van you are interested in, simply click to reserve and collect your van at a suitable time.

Can I part exchange my old vehicle?

Yes, at Carbase we offer a simple and fuss-free process which ensures that you get the best deal when part exchanging your car or van. You can even get an online guide valuation, or an expert valuation from the comfort of your home! Find out more >

Can I get pre-approved for finance?

Certainly! Whilst we also offer a free online finance check tool, getting pre-approved for vehicle finance is a great idea, and we have a handy guide to show you how the process works at Carbase. Find out more >


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