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Best Christmas gifts for car lovers

Best Christmas gifts for car lovers

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are busy buying gifts for all the favourite people in our lives. But choosing the perfect gift isn't always easy. If you're looking for a Christmas present for a friend or relative who loves cars, you're in the right place! Here's our rundown of the best Christmas gifts for car lovers.


Practical Car Gifts


Digital tyre pressure gauge christmas gift

Digital tyre pressure gauge

Perfectly pumped tyres are vital for effective vehicle handling and optimum fuel economy, so it's important to check your tyre pressure regularly. A handy digital tyre pressure gauge is a wonderful gift for any car lover, allowing them to instantly check their tyre pressure at the touch of a button. There is a great range from Halfords, starting from just £12, there is a perfect option for any budget.


Person washing their car window with sponge

Car wash kit

People who love their cars are often just as enthusiastic about cleaning them. So why not treat them to a car wash kit packed with everything they need to ensure their car always looks its best? Car wash kits tend to include products such as microfibre wash mitts, short handle brushes, microfibre towels, foam guns, glass cleaner, wheel gel and more. Auto Finesse has a great range of kits available from ultimate kits to specialist wheel cleaning kits.


Dash car christmas gift mounted in car window

Dash cam

You might not have considered one as a present before, but a dash cam is a fantastic present idea for any car lover. By capturing footage of the road, they give peace of mind that any incident will be recorded, proving who was responsible. Currys offers a range of dash cams, suitable for any budget, including Garmin, Nextbase and Road Angel.


Car air freshener mounted in car fan

Car air freshener

The perfect little present or stocking filler, who doesn't like a car air freshener! Offered in a range of designs, scents and attachments, air fresheners are widely available from many retail outlets including Halfords, Amazon and supermarkets. If you're after a bit more luxury, remember to take a look at Jo Malone or Mr Porter.


Car owner hoovering passenger car seat

Car vacuum

A portable car vacuum will help keep your car enthusiast's pride and joy looking perfectly clean and tidy. There is a range of specialist car vacuums available with all the relevant attachments and nozzles, that can be kept in the car and pulled out when needed. For example, the Hilka Wet and Dry Car Vacuum from Argos is a good budget option for anyone looking for a small additional gift or the Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a great alternative when looking to spend a little bit more.


Car themed gifts

Sometimes a gift doesn't have to be practical and usable for a car lover. Here are some suggestions of car-themed gifts your friends or family can use, even if they're not near their vehicle!


bottle stopper designed as a gear stick

Gear stick bottle stopper

A gear stick bottle stopper is exactly what it sounds like - a bottle stopper that has been made to look like a gear stick. With a whole host of designs and styles to choose from, it's the perfect Christmas gift for the car lover who has everything! Why not check out this one from Not On The Highstreet where you can choose from a Chrome or Rosewood finish.


Personalised wooden engraved garage sign labelled dads garage

Personalised garage sign

If you're buying a Christmas present for someone who spends a lot of time in their garage working on their car, a personalised garage sign makes the perfect gift. There is a huge range of styles available, from vintage-style signs to neon ones - simply choose the one you think they'll love and personalise it with their name.


User using novelty computer mouse shaped like a car

Novelty computer mouse

Perfect for home or the office, a car-shaped novelty computer mouse is a fantastic way to bring some fun into any working environment! From Amazon, this Sports Car shaped mouse comes in 5 colours and is the perfect blend of practical and fun.


Car magazine graphic on tablet

Car Magazine

If your car lover is a fan of reading, a subscription to Car magazine is sure to impress. This beautifully designed magazine will not only look amazing on the coffee table but it's also packed with fascinating articles and profiles of the latest cars.


Fun car-themed gifts

Although practical presents are a great option for car lovers, gifting something fun to your friends or family can be a fantastic way to bring some joy to Christmas!


Scalextric set all set up


A gift that can bring fun to all the family, Scalextric is a gift that can keep on giving. Start by giving them a Race Kit, extra kit, or even a miniature version of their favourite car! Each year, you can build on it, keep growing the track or their collection of cars so it's a perfect long term gift for any car lover.


Selection of super cars on race track

Driving experiences

What greater present for the car lover in your life than a driving experience! With a whole host of driving experiences available, from James Bond cars and Supercars to driving experiences for kids, there really is an excellent range to choose from that will suit any car lover in your life.


Green super car lego built with car doors open


Not just for kids, there is a great range of Car Lego sets available ready to keep any adult busy for a few hours. And the range is constantly growing! A Porsche 911, Fiat 500, the Ghostbuster car and Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 are currently available, but who knows what Lego will bring out next.


Lightning McQueen from pixar film Cars

Car themed films

From classic films like The Italian Job and Drive to more modern films like Rush and Ford vs Ferrari, car-themed DVDs are always a safe gift for any car lover. There is always a huge selection available, with more coming out every few years, so it should take a while before your friends or family have collected them all!


Find out more

Although might not be looking to buy a new used car for your friends or family this Christmas, the New Year is always a good time to start fresh and get your dream car. If you are looking to buy a new used vehicle and need more help and advice, contact Carbase today. Our expert team of friendly staff are more than happy to help you select your next dream car today.

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