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What happens during a full service?

What happens during a full service?

It's important to continue to invest in the things we value the most, and this is certainly true when it comes to your car or van. We rely on our vehicles to get us around in safety, comfort and style, so it pays to show them the TLC they need to run smoothly.


Of course, it's the law that all vehicles over three years old must pass an annual MOT to ensure they are roadworthy, so why should you think about servicing your car too? A full service and an MOT are actually very different - a full service includes many checks and maintenance procedures that aren't part of an MOT, so it's not right to think of it as simply an MOT by another name.  

Rather, think of a full service as a comprehensive health check for your car. At Carbase, our expert vehicle technicians work to RAC Approved standards to run through a thorough maintenance checklist, designed to keep the complex machinery, instruments and tech inside your car working at peak performance. Regular servicing is known to help prevent more costly repairs caused by lack of upkeep, as well as reducing every day driving costs.

So, what actually happens during a full service? While it's not an exhaustive list (a full service includes over 50 system checks!), our infographic explains what is involved. Also, check our our helpful guide on what happends during your Interim service here:

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Give your vehicle the VIP treatment it deserves with a service at one of our RAC Approved Autocentres. Get in touch today to book your service. 

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