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What does a major service involve?

What does a major service involve?

What Does a Major Service Involve?

Getting your car serviced is an important part of owning a car - it keeps everything running smoothly and helps identify and fix small faults before they become big (and expensive) problems.

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Why should I get my car serviced?

It's important to get your car serviced for a few key reasons:

-       It makes sure your car is in working order and performing at its best

-       A service will highlight any issues that could cause breakdowns

-       It will also flag any potential problems before they become costly

-       Your vehicle's warranty may specify that it needs to be regularly serviced and maintained, otherwise the warranty could be void

-       A full service includes many checks and maintenance procedures that aren't part of an MOT

-       While it's not a legal requirement, servicing your car regularly is highly recommended 

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What is involved with a major service?

Getting your car regularly serviced is similar to routine health appointments for yourself - it's important for general maintenance and to take care of small issues before they become big problems, but what actually happens during a major service?



At Carbase, your car is put through a maintenance checklist to make sure everything still works as it should, all carried out by our expert technicians who are trained to RAC Approved standards. The checklist is made up of over 50 individual checks.

A major service is more comprehensive than a full service; although it covers all the same checks that a full service does, a major service will be more detailed and will include more replacements of wearable parts, such as air filters, spark plugs, coolant and brake fluid. Your vehicle's fluid levels will be checked and replenished during a major service; this includes windscreen wiper fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid.

A major service will also include an oil change, which helps keep your engine lubricated and reduces friction, meaning your car doesn't have to work as hard, using less energy and fuel. Your vehicle's tyres will be inflated to the correct pressure level as specified by the manufacturer. Having properly inflated tyres can save you fuel - this is because under-inflated tyres have a greater 'footprint', i.e. they have more contact with the road surface, and this causes more friction between the rubber and the road. Your vehicle's wheels will be realigned, to ensure that your tyres are in the correct position - this is also known as 'tracking'.


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A major service will also include a check of your vehicle's suspension which plays a key role not just in the comfort of the drive but also in safety. You must not drive a car with broken suspension because collapsed springs can cause sagging which leads to long-term vehicle damage, and it can also affect your vehicle's alignment.

Your vehicle's brakes will receive a thorough inspection as part of a major service, which checks the entire system, including the pedal, lines, hoses, discs and pads. Your vehicle's battery will be inspected for leaks and signs of corrosion, as well as any damage to the wiring and any signs of wear or damage. Oil, fuel and cabin filters will also be replaced as part of a major service.


When should I get a major service?

A major service is recommended every 24 months or every 24,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. Because a major service is a more thorough check of your vehicle, it is recommended less frequently than an interim service (every 6 months or 6,000 miles) or a full service (every 12 months or 12,000 miles).

Some car manufacturers may specify a different number of maximum miles before a service is due. If in doubt, contact your manufacturer or check your vehicle handbook. 


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Does Carbase offer any Service Plans?

We sure do, we offer a Flexible Service plan in partnership with RAC - one of the most trusted names in car maintenance.



A car service plan is essentially a place to store funds for your vehicle's servicing for when it's due, so when it does come round to getting a service, you don't have to pay a lump sum, you'll have already saved and allocated that money.

A Carbase car service plan is a flexible and easy way to make sure you're prepared for upcoming car maintenance costs - with no risk and a fixed cost, it's a great way to get automobile peace of mind.

It's worth noting that Owners Club Members get a 10% discount on all servicing at Carbase.


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All of our repair and maintenance work is carried out at our Autocentres in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and Lympsham. Our highly skilled team of engineers are trained to RAC Approved standards, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Get in touch today to book your next major service, or ask us any questions you may have.


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