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Carbase Glory - Thank You UK Turntables

Carbase Glory - Thank You UK Turntables

Carbase Glory - Thank You UK Turntables

With the announcement of being crowned Winners for 'Used Car Website of the Year' at the CarDealer Used Car Awards, we would like to personally thank and acknowledge the great work UK Turntables does for us which we proudly display on our award winning website.


UKT360 installed their show off photo turntables into our Bristol, Weston and Express Stores. Against a white backdrop to make the car pop, the vehicle will undergo a double spin, one with doors closed and one with doors open to ensure all angles are covered. Once completed, personal feature photos are then separately taken to highlight and boast the car's unique features!


At we feel that it's important to showcase our vehicles to the utmost highest standard, capturing all angles inside and out. We want to put confidence in our customers when they are choosing to buy their next car or van with us and using UK Turntables we know what we can achieve this goal.

Once again thank you CarDealer for your recognition, it truly is an honour to have been awarded Winners for 'Used Car Website of the Year' along with Highly Commended for 'Used Car Supermarket of the Year'. Learn more >


We are proud to be in partnership with UK Turntables and look forward to our continuously growing relationship. The whole team we share here at Carbase deserves to be recognised and acknowledged for what they do for us. Let's have a personal shout out too:

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