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Volvo V60 vs Audi A4 Avant

Volvo V60 vs Audi A4 Avant

Volvo and Audi both produce highly sought-after cars so it's no surprise that you're considering buying one or the other. While it may once have been a question of substance or style, it's safe to say both companies deliver sophisticated and efficient vehicles.

Volvo V60 exterior view 
Audi A4 Avant external view


V60 or A4 Avant?

If you're looking for an estate car, both the V60 and the A4 Avant are strong contenders from reputable manufacturers.

While Volvo may have been known for only focusing on safety, it has in recent years managed to elevate its designs and aesthetics, while keeping its high level of security. As for Audi, the A4 Avant is their smallest estate but packs a punch with its handy tech and driving style.



Volvo V60 interior view 
Audi A4 Avant interior view



The driver's seat in the V60 is fully supported and comes with lumbar adjustment as well as armrests on either side; the adjustable steering wheel means you can perfectly align yourself with it and the pedals. While the A4 Avant cushions the drivers with electrically-controlled lumbar adjustment in the sports seats (Sport Edition trim and up), the pedals are offset to the right due to a bulge in the left of the footrest.

From the A4 Avant's driver's seat, you have a great view of the road thanks to the narrow windscreen pillars and good-sized wing mirrors. The driver also has unimpeded access to Audi's Virtual Cockpit System which comes as standard, including a 12.3in digital display that's controllable from the steering wheel.

The V60 also has narrow windscreen pillars and its back windows give a better rear view than the A4 Avant. The Volvo also benefits from a 12.3in digital screen and, while not as customisable as that of the Audi, provides navigation, media and telephone information.

Every version of the V60 and Avant comes with a rear-view camera and front and rear parking sensors, as well as high-quality materials used in the cabin.


Volvo V60 boot view 
Audi A4 Avant boot view



The V60 draws on Volvo's legacy of practicality with its generous space both in the front and rear of the interior, with plenty of room for heads, legs and elbows. Boot space too is impressive, with 519 litres accessible via an electrically-operated tailgate. Remarkably, the plug-in hybrid version (PHEV) of the V60 has the same boot space as the petrol/diesel versions - typically, the EV battery takes up boot space in electric cars, but not in this Volvo.

The A4 Avant also has plenty of space in the front and has notably wide doorways, but rear passengers will be cosier in the Audi than the Volvo. Similarly, the A4 Avant has slightly less boot space than the V60 at 495 litres, but it does come with a low lip for loading heavy items, and some models will open the boot when you wave your foot under a sensor on the rear bumper.



Driving experience

The V60 comes in a range of fuel options, and its combustion engines have taken a mild hybrid approach - the traditional starter motor is replaced by a small electric generator, helping to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The 194bhp B4 mild hybrid can do 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds and delivers a spirited performance at motorway speeds, even with a full load of people and luggage.

The A4 Avant's 201bhp 40 TFSI (Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection) climbs 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds so is a little quicker off the bat than the V60, and most A4 Avants come with a seven-speed gearbox.

The Audi's Technik and Sport Edition trims come with the Comfort Dynamic setup which, fairly obviously, optimises comfort, however, the Black Edition and S line trims come with Sport suspension, which prioritises handling instead. The V60 relaxes the suspension to accentuate comfort, and it still handles corners safely and confidently.

The A4 Avant provides a near-silent driving experience while the V60 comes in a little louder due to its tyres and the wind over the wing mirrors, but nothing drastic.


The Outcome

The Volvo comes with bigger space both in the cabin and in the boot, while arguably opening the Audi's boot with a wave of your foot is easier than the electrically-operated tailgate on the Volvo - although, it has to be said, both are very convenient. Both cars serve fantastic motorway and town driving, although the Audi is a slightly swifter ride.

If you're still undecided, come take each of them for a test drive, or get in touch with one of our friendly team with any questions you may have.

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