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Volkswagen Golf vs Ford Focus

Volkswagen Golf vs Ford Focus

The VW Golf and Ford Focus have both been steady fixtures on the British car scene for decades, with the original Golf dating back to the 1970s, both proving popular due to their practicality and comfort. But how do you decide between the two?



Golf or Focus?

The Volkswagen Golf is known for its practicality and handling with fantastic cornering and low fuel consumption. The Ford Focus' 27-year tenure is down to its driving experience and comfort, coupled with modern technology and an evolving aesthetic.

On the inside, the Golf gives its driver fantastic visibility thanks to large windows and slim pillars, and it's a comfortable and quiet ride for all with minimal noise from the engine or the road. The boot, at 381L, is larger than the average smaller car and is certainly more than capable of accommodating the weekly shop or a family road trip.

Inside the Focus, the driver's seat is comfortably, if not extensively, adjustable and comes equipped with a touchscreen information dashboard. Driver and passengers alike will notice the roominess inside, and the 316L boot can accommodate 3 large suitcases with room left over for smaller bags.


VW Golf interior view
Ford Focus interior view


Both the Golf and the Focus have kept up with modern technologies, however of course the specific kit you get will vary depending on which model and trim you opt for.

Both cars achieved Five Stars on the Euro NCAP Safety Rating. Beyond the standard, the Golf features an autonomous braking system and an airbag between the two front seats to minimise contact in the event of a side collision. The Ford Focus Mk4 (2018 onwards) benefits from 3 radars, 2 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors.


VW Golf exterior view
Ford Focus external view


The Outcome

While both cars are matched on safety with each achieving 5 stars in their Euro NCAP ratings, the Golf has a more comfortable interior with materials that have more of a luxury feel to them than the Focus. The Golf also beats the Focus when it comes to boot size - 381L for the 2021 Golf compared to 316L for the 2018 Focus.

While they're both sensible cars for driving around town or up the motorway, the Ford Focus is more engaging to drive thanks to its responsiveness and finely-tuned setup.

If you're looking for a car that you're going to love driving every time you get in it, the Focus is for you, but if you're looking for something with bigger boot space and a more customisable interior, you should go for the Golf.



To find out more about the car you're looking to buy, or to browse through fantastic deals on hatchbacks, visit Carbase today. If you're still not quite sure if you'd prefer a VW Golf or a Ford Focus, book both for a test drive.


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