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Can I still drive my car after 2030?

Can I still drive my car after 2030?

From 2035, new petrol and diesel cars will no longer be sold in the UK to help reduce carbon emissions. The idea behind the ban is to shift car owners towards electric vehicles, before all new vehicles need to produce zero tailpipe emissions, including hybrids.

But, good news, the scheme only affects the sale of new vehicles so used petrol and diesel cars will be unaffected and will still be available to buy and sell.


Will I still be able to drive my car after 2035?

Yes! As this ban will only affect new cars, you will still be able to drive a used petrol or diesel car after 2035. There will not be a requirement for you to scrap or sell your car straight away and move to hybrid or electric cars. Instead, you will only need to change to an alternative fuel car when you're ready.


Cars refueling at a petrol station


Will I still be able to buy a used petrol or diesel car after 2035?

Yes! As the 2035 ban on petrol and diesel cars only impacts new cars, you will still be able to buy and sell used petrol and diesel cars after 2035. So, should you choose to change to another petrol or diesel car, as long as it's pre-loved, you can still buy another car without moving to electric or hybrids.


Clean air zone (CAZ) sign


Will low-emission zones require me to change cars after 2035?

No! Low emission zones already exist in some English cities such as Bristol and Bath which have introduced Clean Air Zones (CAZ) to try and improve air quality. Under the scheme, if your vehicle is not compliant, you will be charged £9 per day, or £100 per day for heavy goods vehicles, buses, and coaches, to drive in the Clean Air Zone.

This currently does not mean you need to change from your current petrol or diesel car. Many cars already meet the ULEZ (London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone) and CAZ emissions standards and if your vehicle does not, and you still wish to drive in ULEZ or CAZ, you can simply pay the charge. This should not change after 2035 and your current car or van should still be compliant.

Check whether your vehicle meets the CAZ emissions standards by entering your registration number in the car checker or explore our top cars for the Bristol clean air zone or used ULEZ-compliant cars for sale.



Will I still be able to buy a hybrid after 2035?

If it's used, yes! Just like petrol or diesel cars, the sale ban only affects new vehicles so should you wish to purchase a pre-loved hybrid vehicle, you can.

If it's new, it's a bit of a grey area! The UK Government has said that only hybrids that can drive "a significant distance when no carbon is coming out of the tailpipe" will be able to be sold as new after 2035.


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Can I still drive my van after 2035?

Yes! You will still be able to drive your existing van after 2035. Similar to cars, the ban only affects the sale of new petrol or diesel vans, not existing ones, so there is no need to scrap it before you're ready. This also means you're still able to purchase a second-hand petrol or diesel van after 2035 should you wish.


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