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Carbase Spotacular Fundraiser 2023

Carbase Spotacular Fundraiser 2023

We're not just about selling cars; we're helping paint a brighter future. This year's Spotacular Fundraiser is all about embracing color, creativity, and community spirit to make a meaningful impact in the lives of Children in Need!

This unique event encourages our team to don vibrant and spotty attire, sports clothing, or even channel their favorite literary characters, all for a good cause. Participating staff members are donating money, as well as running other fund-raising events like the yummy bake sale.

So far we have raised over £370 for Children in Need!


The concept is simple: wear something colorful or themed, make a donation, and let the good vibes flow. It's heartwarming to witness our team express their individuality and creativity, all while contributing to a cause close to our hearts.




Braving the SHAVE

Massive WELL DONE to Cory and Rob for stepping up to have their heads shaved for charity, what a commitment!


Thank you Team BASE! It is always a pleasure to see everyone getting involved for such a worthy cause. See you at the next charity event!


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