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Rob-Bot amazes customers by predicting their next car!

Rob-Bot amazes customers by predicting their next car!

Customers mind blown as mystic Rob-Bot predicts their next car!

We could tell you it's just magic, but we have a feeling you'll want to know more about our Rob-Bot and how he can predict your next car!

Why have we introduced Rob-Bot to our showrooms?

Choosing your next car can be an overwhelming experience. Every car can get you from A to B, but with the thousands of makes to models out there, where do you start?

We want to help with this process through the use of innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and by bringing some fun and excitement into our showroom waiting lounge.

What if we could predict which vehicle make or model you were most likely going to buy? What if there were other options that you hadn't considered but would suit you perfectly? The result would be a remarkable step along the customer journey, and could help you find the ideal used car for you.

How does Rob-Bot work?

By gathering demographic data about people that have visited the Carbase website, we are able to visualise which makes and models are popular with certain age and gender groups. After collating this data, we created the prediction screen holders for our Rob-Bot's AI-powered system.

Each prediction outcome is split into two columns, one for the top 10 makes and one for the top 10 models. Using this data, we are able to show you what your likely top 10 makes and models are by comparing to the most popular searches made by your demographic group.

While you stand in front of Rob-Bot, the AI system camera will take a snap of your face. This is where the "clever techy" part happens - the AI system will use face recognition to analyse your features, predicting your gender and age. Not to worry, Rob-Bot won't tell you how old he thinks you are!

Rob-Bot will show you a list of the car makes and models we think you'll like. Just like magic... well, carefully considered data analytics magic!

Rob-Bot's trial run

We took a drive to our Bristol showroom where Rob-Bot left our staff and customers amazed by his predictive powers. They couldn't believe what they were seeing, or how accurate their predications were!


Rob-Bot sets up in the Bristol showroom

Our first ever mystic Rob-Bot has now found a home at our Bristol store, and he's all ready to astound you with his used car prediction prowess. Three steps and voila... a prediction that could help you find your next set of wheels.

Here's how it works:

Stand in front of the mystic Rob-Bot screen, placing your feet on the foot markings provided.

Once in position, lean forward...

Open your eyes wide and let mystic Rob-Bot attempt to read your mind! Then, within seconds, your results will appear.

Bringing fun and innovation to the car buying experience

At Carbase, we believe buying a used car should be exciting and enjoyable, which is exactly why we've added Rob-Bot to our friendly and expert team. Our top priorities are to help our customers with their search to find their next car, and to help them have fun doing so!

So, why not add a bit of light-hearted mystery to the car buying journey? We hope to see you soon to try out the mystic Rob-Bot experience!

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