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The Carbase | Vanbase Vehicle Appraisal Measure

The Carbase | Vanbase Vehicle Appraisal Measure


Here at Carbase | Vanbase we strive to ensure that we are transparent within all areas of our business, which allows us to create trust and stronger relationships with our existing and future customers. We utilise our custom measure tool to consistently and fairly appraise vehicles for wear and tear. This isn't to penalise the vehicle for every minor scratch and dent, but to show what is normal and fair. Our tool, shown below, has multiple scales and transparencies for use on different parts of a vehicle. The zebra stripes are designed to be reflected in the background of a photograph. Using this and the ruler on the reverse allows appraisal pictures to be taken of minor car park dents or scratches that may require repair.

For further information regarding our measure tool, please contact us at one of our stores and our insightful team will be on hand to help with any questions. Looking for your next car? With over 2500 vehicles in stock we have a great range to choose from, whether you're looking for cars or vans we will have you covered!


Why do we measure?


It can be very difficult to estimate size accurately by eye alone. Look at the horizontal lines below, do they look the same length? Using our measure card helps us see the difference.




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