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Crew Cab Vans - Jargon Buster!

Crew Cab Vans - Jargon Buster!

What exactly is a crew cab and how does it differ from a double cab or a quad cab? Well, a double cab and a quad cab both refer to an extended cab. Confusing, isn't it?! We've broken down the various terms and explained what they all mean and how they differ in this handy article about van cabs.


Jargon Buster

Combi Vans

Combi Vans are multi-purpose vans that can be configured to carry both passengers and cargo. They typically have a removable or foldable rear seat and a large cargo area in the back. Combi Vans are popular among small business owners, tradespeople, and families who need a versatile vehicle for both work and leisure.

Kombi Vans

Kombi Vans are a type of Combi Van that were originally manufactured by Volkswagen. They have a classic, retro look and are known for their durability and reliability. Kombi Vans are popular among surfers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts who want a vehicle that can handle rough terrain and provide a comfortable place to sleep.

Crew Cab Vans

Crew Cab Vans are designed to carry both passengers and cargo, but with a focus on accommodating a larger number of passengers. They typically have a second row of seats behind the driver's seat and a larger cargo area in the back. Crew Cab Vans are commonly used by companies that need to transport work crews, such as construction and landscaping companies, or by families with a large number of children.


Volkswagen Caddy Regular van 
Vauxhall Combo Cargo van


Regular cabs

Regular cab vans are also known as standard cabs and single cabs.

Regular cab vans are the smallest cab size available; they seat 2-3 people in one row of either bench or bucket seating. What they lack in passenger accommodation they make up for with a spacious rear cargo bed or hold.

The cabin is accessible via two full-sized doors and the back window is directly behind the seats.

Regular cab vans are best suited for those who have more cargo than passengers and are ideal for tradespeople due to their large cargo space for bulky tools and supplies, and adeptness at hauling and towing. They can also make great van conversions.

A few examples of regular cab vans are:


Ford Ranger Double Cab truck 
Vauxhall Vivaro van


Extended cabs

The extended cab is also known as the double cab, and you may see it referred to as the quad cab, particularly on American websites.

The extended cab differs from the regular cab by offering a second row of seating. Some extended cabs have a pair of doors designed for accessing the second row of seating, however they are usually smaller than the main doors, and some extended cabs do not have rear doors, instead the rear passengers need to clamber across the front seats. Extended cabs typically have smaller windows in the rear than in the front.

Extended cabs still offer ample cargo space and have the added bonus of being able to transport additional passengers, although, depending on the model, adults may find space in the rear a little snug. Because of this, extended cabs may be used as family vehicles, or tradespeople may use the rear seats as additional cargo space.

Examples of extended cab vans include:


VW Transporter van 
Vito Crew van


Crew cabs

Crew cabs go beyond the extended cab - they have four full-size doors and can seat four to six people in the cabin across two full rows of seating.

The cabin is longer in crew cabs than in extended cabs, so that they can comfortably accommodate a crew of people, which is where they get their name. They are the largest cab size.

The larger size means there is more space within the cab, particularly when it comes to the rear seats: they have more legroom and more comfortable seating than extended cabs. The rear seats often come with armrests in crew cabs.

The full-size rear doors mean, in cases where the rear seats are used for haulage, it's easier to get goods in and out.

You may also hear about SuperCrew (used by Ford) and the CrewMax (used by Toyota), and even possibly the MegaCab (used by Ram); all these are brand terms that refer in some way to a crew cab.

Some crew cab vans available are:


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