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Is RAC car warranty any good?

Is RAC car warranty any good?

None of us know what's around the corner, which is true in more ways than one when it comes to vehicle ownership. A fault in even a seemingly unimportant part of a car or van can end up costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds to repair, and it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. Find out more here on the most expensive warranty claims from 2020 >

Here at Carbase, all of our used vehicles come with three months' RAC Warranty as standard. This RAC Warranty is part of our RAC BuySure programme, which includes other great benefits such as an exhaustive RAC Approved vehicle inspection and a year's complimentary breakdown cover. Our BuySure scheme is there to reassure you that your used car or van is a purchase you can rely on.


It's a good feeling knowing that your wheels are protected by the RAC Warranty, and thankfully it's easy to keep this peace of mind beyond the first few months by extending it. The Carbase RAC Extended Warranty is designed to cover you for the cost of parts and labour your car or van may need, for up to 48 months.

Need more convincing? Here are a few of the best things about the Carbase RAC Extended Warranty.

RAC offer motoring support you can trust   

Not every dealership can partner with the RAC. We're very proud to be one of the few RAC Approved Dealers in the Bristol area and as such, the Carbase RAC Extended Warranty is one that's underpinned by our shared values of dependability and transparency.

We understand the frustration of turning to a warranty for an unexpected problem only to find that it's not covered. That's why we make it clear out the outset exactly what is and isn't covered by the RAC Extended Warranty, so you can make an informed decision about whether it's right for you.

If and when you do need to call on your extended warranty, all parts and labour come with the RAC seal of approval, so you know your vehicle is in the safest of hands. 

Excellent value for money

In a way, an extended vehicle warranty is one of those things you hope you'll never need to use. After all, no one wants anything to go wrong with their car or van. So, this type of 'safety net' product must be reliable and comprehensive, yet affordable too.

Extended warranties for used cars from franchised dealerships are often priced at the top end of the scale, but our Carbase RAC Extended Warranty is different. Not only do you benefit from the unbeatable standard of vehicle care that comes with being RAC Approved, the RAC Extended Warranty is available in three tiers that adapt to your vehicles age and mileage.

Cover to suit you and your vehicle

Every vehicle is different - some will need an extended warranty that covers all mechanical and electrical parts, while others may only require one that will provide for the components that commonly fail.

So, if you want to stay cool, calm and collected in the face of unexpected vehicle problems, an RAC extended warranty could be the answer. We can provide a free, no-obligation quote for a Carbase RAC Extended Warranty for any car or van, so simply get in touch with us to find out more.     

How much does an RAC Warranty cost?

An RAC Warranty will depend on a number of factors including age and mileage. 


How do I claim on my RAC Warranty?

Call the RAC Warranty team on 0330 100 3813.


What does an RAC Warranty cover?

At Carbase we offer Platinum and Gold coverage, Please ask our expert team for full details.



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