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CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022

CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022

CarGurus Top Rated Dealer 2022



We're proud to be a CarGurus Top-Rated Dealer for 2022! This year marks the 6th annual CarGurus Top-Rated Dealer Awards, created to recognise dealerships who go the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer service.

Consumers left thousands of reviews on CarGurus and we have been recognised for rising to the top. Based on real reviews from car buyers across the country, we had to display an average dealer rating of 4.5 stars or higher, and collect a minimum amount of verified reviews to qualify.




Wendy Harris, Vice President of European Sales for CarGurus, said:

"The CarGurus Trust Index Report confirms that positive customer experiences at dealerships are among the biggest trust builders for car buyers. To provide that consistently is easier said than done and requires an extraordinary focus on customer satisfaction from the dealer."

Being recognised for this achievement is brilliant news, it shows that we're doing things right, and that our customers are in safe hands!


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