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Getting your car serviced

Getting your car serviced

Our cars are crucial in everyday life, and more vehicles are on British roads than ever before. But what happens when we need to get them serviced?

First service

New Cars:

  • Come with warranties
  • Parts are new, so a check-up shouldn't break the bank
  • You don't have to get new cars serviced by the manufacturer

First service is scheduled when: 

You've owned the car for 12 months
You've driven 12,000 miles (approx.)
(Whichever comes first)

Used Cars:

  • Dealer will have given car a once-over
  • More involved service than for a new car
  • You'll have a choice between an interim service or a full service (most opt for full service)

First 'proper' service is scheduled when:

You've owned the car for 12 months
You've driven approximately 12,000 miles
(Whichever comes first)

Second service scheduled

12 months after last service OR  when 12,000 miles have been driven

A standard interim service includes:

  • New oil
  • Changing oil filter
  • Coolant top up
  • Windscreen wash
  • New brake fluid
  • New power steering fluid
  • and more

A standard full service includes:

  • Everything an interim service includes, plus:
  • Grease steering and suspension
  • Seatbelt checks
  • External door lock checks
  • Fan and alternator belt tests
  • Mirror assessments
  • and more

So, how does this break down?


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