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Price Checked Daily

Price Checked Daily

So you're looking to purchase your next car but you're not sure if the price in front of you is a good deal. You might even open up several tabs in your browser and compare similar models across different sites, but that can be a bother, right?



We have come up with a solution to let you know exactly what kind of deal you are getting! At Carbase we have so much faith in our pricing algorithm that we have added the innovative ability to see how the car you are looking at measures up to it's market value, even better it's all from one place!


Introducing the Carbase 'Price Checked Daily' feature! Located beside the price's on all vehicle search and details pages. This will show any savings, added extras along with displaying the rating from the flag system introduced by CarGurus and Auto Trader. This rating shows you how our price compares to the market value with a rating of 'Fair', 'Good', or 'Great'.


Simply click the 'Price Checked Daily' text beneath the price of the vehicle you are looking at and a window will pop up with more information:


The CarGurus badge will take you to CarGurus and show you this car's details page with even more information, along with Auto Trader opening up its own bespoke information page.

So don't just take our word for it, check our prices out today!

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