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10 rules for picking the perfect used Ford

10 rules for picking the perfect used Ford

Ford remains the most popular brand of car in the UK - the Fiesta and Focus were named by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders as the top and third biggest new car sellers in 2015. Reliability, practicality and fuel efficiency are synonymous with Ford, so it's no surprise that it's also popular with used car buyers.


While there are several general points you ought to bear in mind when buying a used car, we thought we'd share some of our insight, gleaned over many years in the used car trade. Here are our ten rules for picking the perfect used Ford:


1) Research: it stands to reason that you should do your research before deciding on the car you want. There are pages and pages of information available on every Ford you could imagine, all engines sizes, models, ages and fuel types. The Ford Owners Club is a good place to start with any questions.

2) Consider what you want it for: with so many models to its name, you'll find the Ford which is perfect for your needs and they do come up fairly frequently. Don't settle for a Mondeo Estate if you need an Explorer.

3) Don't worry about its age: Fords have incredible longevity and the parts are generally easy to get hold of, so don't be put off by an older model (which ought to be a metaphor for life, really); they have incredible staying power.

4) Pick a newer model if you want to make money if you sell: as with all cars, they depreciate. Fords, being fairly common, don't tend to hold their value as well, the older they get. This is something to consider if your plan is to eventually sell the vehicle, so think about a newer model if you want to make anything on it. You could always enhance the vehicle and its long term value by purchasing a higher specification model perhaps consider a Titanium.

5) Make sure it's been serviced regularly: you should consider a car which comes with a reasonable amount of service history. That way you can see what work has been done and what work may need to be done in the future.



6) Check the door seals: it's inevitable that some of the internal trim will wear, but have a good look to check that the seals are glued into place. This goes for any used car not just used Fords and is easy to remedy if there is a problem.

7) Go for a test drive: it's obvious, but there will be things you need to look out for when buying a used car and many of these things won't be apparent while the car is stationery. The test drive also allows you to determine whether you're 100 per cent comfortable driving the car. Just ensure that you adjust the seat position to suit you and that the mirrors are orientated correctly.

8) View the car in daylight: one of the RAC's top tips is to view the car on a decent day and where there is plenty of light. Why? Because on a rainy day you might take a more hurried look than you should and you may fine that once you have purchased the vehicle that you are not 100% happy.

9) Check that the car is pulling straight: on your test drive, and in a safe place, slowly relax your grip of the steering wheel slightly. Most cars will veer slightly to the left due to the camber of the road, however if it's more pronounced it may prompt you to ask for a wheel re-alignment check.

10) Get insurance in place: before you can drive off in your nice used Ford, you must make sure that you have the right car insurance. Some dealers can arrange temporary cover for you, so make a point of asking, otherwise, call your insurer. You'll need to change the details anyway. Hopefully, your premiums will decrease!


There you are: our ten rules for picking the perfect used Ford. If we could suggest an eleventh rule, it would clearly be: go to a reliable second hand car dealer, like Carbase! If you'd like to chat about our wide range of used Fords, give us a call on 01934 38 40 80.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is Ford EcoBoost?

Ford's EcoBoost is a turbocharged and direct injection gasoline engine. It has been designed to increase fuel efficiency without losing power.

What is Ford SYNC?

Ford SYNC is a system installed at the factory that allows users to control their music and make hands-free calls, as well as other operations using voice commands.

What is Ford PowerShift?

The PowerShift is Ford's dual clutch, semi-automatic, six-speed gearbox.

What is Ford Active Park Assist?

Ford Active Park Assist is a system developed to aid drivers by finding suitable parking spaces and once the car has been put into reverse, the system can then steer the vehicle into the space without the driver's hands on the wheel.

What are Ford hybrid cars?

The Escape, the Fusion and the C-Max are Ford's best known petrol-electric hybrid cars. 


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