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NSSR Upgrade Their Trusty Van

NSSR Upgrade Their Trusty Van

Transforming Your Transporter

We've had a long working partnership with the lovely people at NSSR Ltd, in fact they purchased their trusty Volkswagen Transporter van from us back in April 2014. Having served them well over the years, Neil recently decided that the van deserved a bit of a makeover.

After a liberal helping of love and elbow grease, it's been transformed in to this beautiful specimen:



NSSR used to do all of their automotive repair and renovation work out of the van, so it was time it received some TLC of its own. Seats were updated and reupholstered, new units were fitted, and the van is now vastly improved and far more functional for the team, inside and out!



















Inspired by NSSR's fantastic van conversion and looking to upgrade your own? Here are some of the most popular customisations you might want to consider:

Functional upgrades

If your van is an essential part of your business, you may want to go for some functional upgrades to your interior. Upgrades can include anything from installing lightweight cabinets to store tools, to creating a workspace so you can work on the go.

These functional improvements can make things so much easier in your day-to-day life and could make the use of your van much simpler when taking on non-work-related activities too. Why not install lighting to make the van more homely when taking it away for a weekend trip, or install cupboards to help you store your possessions while you travel?

Comfort Upgrades

Those well-worn seats in the back of your van may be practical, but have they seen better days? Or, how about more space to store food or drinks for that family weekend away?

Upgrading your Transporter van for comfort purposes can really help you give it a new lease of life since it becomes more of a home away from home, and the perfect base from which to camp and explore. Your van can become a real haven from the outside world - think comfy soft furnishings for beds and sofas, fridge and kitchen set up, wood panelling and pictures for ceiling wall space, and even bookshelves and fresh flowers.

Efficiency Upgrades

If you want to install something that requires power in your van, thinking about efficiency upgrades could be a step in the right direction. Looking into products like solar panels could be a great way to make sure you don't run your battery in your van down whenever you're using the other features you've installed.

Other technologies, such as energy-efficient white goods and home automation products could also help you manage your customised van with efficiency and skill.

How can Carbase help with this?

At Carbase, we work in partnership with NSSR (the folks who customised the fantastic van pictured above) to help you find the right used van for you. With endless options for modifications and customisation, you'll be able to create a van that isn't just a mode of transport, but a functional and enjoyable piece of kit that you can be proud of.

If you are looking for a van, or want to have a go at converting your own, you can view all of our current stock online today!

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