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Carbase Launch New UK Drone Delivery Service

Carbase Launch New UK Drone Delivery Service

COVID-19 Update - Carbase Offer Home Delivery Service!

Our 2017 April Fool has just become a reality! Well, part of it has anyway... Carbase are now offering Home Delivery and with the current circumstances we are ensuring that the process is 'Contactless'! At the moment we haven't got a drone big enough to actually fly your car to you - that would be something! - but we do have trucks! Learn more about our Contactless Home Delivery service we have to offer here >



The April Fools...

If you live in the Bristol area you might spot our first ever drone delivery taking flight today! The Carbase drones are based on a heavily modified military prototype, capable of lifting up to 8,200 lbs. Several other companies have been trialling this new technology in recent months but we are excited to pioneer its implementation in the motor industry. We have been granted special retail access to British airspace to accommodate our delivery routes, with a view to include our European neighbours by 2020.

Closely tied with our 'Click & Collect' service, this new delivery method will allow us to reach just about any part of the UK within hours (subject to battery life, wind speed, air traffic, weather, and bird migratory patterns). The solar powered petrol engine drones are completely autonomous and travel at a speed of around 4 knots when fully laden. Customers simply need to use our handy mobile app to select a secure landing location, grab a cup of tea and await the drop-off. Better still, you will be able to track the location of your delivery in real-time through the same app.

Drone delivery is currently only available for purchased vehicles, however there are plans to expand the coverage to test drive requests, with an optional in-car sales executive. After the initial testing period we are also considering other forms of air support for Carbase Car Owners' such as parachuting vehicle technicians.

If you would like to upgrade to a Carbase Car with drone delivery, click here to check out our latest offers.

Happy April Fools!

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