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The Volkswagen Touran Reviewed

The Volkswagen Touran Reviewed

The Volkswagen Touran Reviewed

 The Volkswagen Touran is not a people carrier or MPV for motorists that are looking for complete and unrivalled luxury - it is a vehicle that provides reliability and value, the hallmarks of any of this range of German cars. While it is spacious on the inside, a basic requirement for any car in this class, the layout and versatility of the Touran offers options that are difficult to configure in rival vehicles. The engine sizes range between 1.2 and 2.0-litre variants, and the higher-level engines offer a smooth driving experience during acceleration. At the lower end of the range, the performance is still admirable when the car isn't loaded to capacity.



Driving Experience

As the Touran is aimed at the motorist with a family, the handling has been designed to provide a stable ride in all driving conditions. Whether buzzing around town or driving at higher speeds down country roads and motorways, this Volkswagen shouldn't leave passengers feeling overly queasy. External noise is also kept to a bare minimum, which is a great bonus during longer journeys, and the internal experience is pleasurable for the driver as well. The front and rear windows have been designed to provide a comprehensive view of the road, and the design of the latter is especially useful when trying to park.

By having the aforementioned range of layout options, the interior can be arranged to allow both extra passengers and a considerable amount of storage. Overall, it is generally easier to remove the rear seats than the middle row due to their weight, although if the space is required the entire rear can be made available for transporting items. When all of the seats are in place for longer journeys, smaller people can be seated at the back, while adults will be more than comfortable in the middle row.


Features and Trims

There are three different levels of trim in the Volkswagen Touran - S, SE and Sport. Unlike other MPV models in this price range, the most basic 'S' Touran comes with an impressive set of features. As standard, this variant comes with a DAB radio, cruise control, electric windows throughout, alloy wheels and air conditioning. As an optional extra, the VW Park Assist system is something that will benefit many drivers, and the front and rear parking sensors may appeal to motorists that live and work in more built-up areas. To augment the DAB radio for entertainment and communication, USB and Bluetooth connections can also be included.


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