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Renault Clios character continues to charm buyers

Renault Clios character continues to charm buyers

Renault has a distinguished motoring heritage and the small Clio has played a large role in its success. The French car maker has always focused a part of its business on the small car market and the Clio in its many guises has sold more than twelve million models during its time in the line-up: which is impressive in any language. But why has the Clio charmed so many drivers across Europe and the world to buy it? Let's see:

Distinctive design

Later versions of the Clio is a big step forward in its appeal with it shapely body and large diamond adorning its frontage. However, even though it is now more impressive than some of its predecessors you can still see the outline of the Clio in there, which is important. With such a longstanding model you must see it evolve and improve throughout the years as your connection grows alongside it. This continuity in design ensures that you can buy any vintage and be sure you'll like the styling: just take the best-selling VW Golf as an example.

French flair in the drive

French cars have never really been towards the top of the reliability leader boards over the years, but the dynamism they are renowned for does make up for its occasional mechanical downfalls. The Supermini class is home to many good driving cars, but the Renault Clio has continued to be an engaging car throughout its time. Ride and handling have always been at the forefront of its promise; as has gutsy small and sweet sounding engines. The Clio is always towards the top of the class in terms of verve and excitement; especially against other European options and hopefully that'll stay the case for a long time to come.

Well-equipped with plenty of space

Renault has always been particularly generous with the levels of kit a buyer gets. Whatever vintage you go for you are guarantee the best technology of the time; where often newer and cheaper rival superminis will cut back. The French car maker sits alone with Ford at the top of the class for equipment levels, with both putting a lot of stock in their cabin tech. Space in the cabin is somewhere else that Renault does well with plenty of room front and back as well as in the boot, which is not too much of a step down from a much larger hatchback.

Car finance deals for the Renault Clio

All Renaults are good value vehicles and the Clio in particular is available at prices lower than most cars of a similar sized. A low rate used car finance deal makes the Renault Clio an even more attractive proposition and makes many other cars look well over priced. The larger used car dealers and car supermarkets currently have excellent finance deals on the table direct from the bigger finance companies and this makes it a very good time you buy a car, particularly a Clio.

Finance Checks enable you to inspect your credit worthiness but without effecting you credit rating and car finance calculators let you to see how much you can borrow for the monthly payments you wish to make. Talking to the dealer is ultimately the best way to see what special offer you may be entitled to and to understand the terms and conditions of any used car finance deal that you are considering.

Despite Renault's misjudged and slightly laughable 'Va Va Voom' marketing campaign the Renault Clio has brushed it off to remain a great small car with plenty of character to keep driver's satisfied.

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