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Mercedes E class oozes quality and refinement

Mercedes E class oozes quality and refinement

When you're contemplating getting an executive car you must consider the Mercedes offerings; the German manufacturer earns its' crust from designing luxurious executive cars. An executive car must be able to have enough power to deal with long-distance motorway hauls easily, while providing unrivalled comfort. This is where Mercedes have been class leaders over the generations and here's why:


The E-Class model does doth its' cap to Mercedes illustrious past with a stately box-like feel. The strict angular lines are blended nicely with modern day curves, giving the saloon a meaty look. There are some nice touches, like the brushed aluminium on the roof that add quality. The mounted Mercedes badge brings a touch of theatre to the styling that other executives can not match. The E-class has the style of a car that will get respectful nods wherever you go.


The E-class is impressively aerodynamically and has good seclusion from the wind and outside noise when driving at speed. The 0-60 MPH acceleration will not blow your mind, but the E-Class will be no slouch when outpacing rivals on the motorway. This superb long-distance cruiser will not disappoint on performance on those mind-numbing hikes up and down the country.

Ride and Handling

This is where the E-Class really flexes its muscles. The ride is exceptional with the comfort on all road surfaces being a real joy to behold. It's not designed to be overly sporty, so offers a smooth and quiet ride ideal for the long haul. You'd be forgiven in thinking that in this pursuit of comfort Mercedes will have made the handling a bit shambolic, but it handles impressively well for a large car. Good body control, slick steering and a highly customisable driving position mean that you won't be dreading going around corners.

Interior and Practicality

As you'd imagine the E-Class goes about its business with a minimum of fuss, but with undeniable quality. Every dial and switch feels like it has been built and fitted to last. As with all Mercedes the steering rack is beautiful to behold and oozes style; while the centre console is functional and does not house as much gadgetry as other large Mercedes.

There is ample leg and head room for passengers and driver alike. The box nature of the car's design means that the boot is able to eat up awkward shapes and sizes easier than rival executive saloons. The interior of the E-Class is understated, but a nice place to be.

The Mercedes E-Class eats up the miles as you would expect a luxury executive car to do, but trades sportiness for refinement that its' rivals can not bare to consider.

5 / 5 stars
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