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Years ago, Top Gears' Jeremy Clarkson raced an Audi saloon up a winding road in the French Riviera against a speed rock-climbing chap called Leo Houlding. It lost, but with style. Since that moment mid-range Audi saloons have really mixed it with the big boys; especially in the compact-exec class. The latest Audi A4 is a stylish status quo, but is it really on a par with its main rivals?


Let's be honest, when it comes to styling you always know where you stand with an Audi. The design has always been good looking, but functional and the latest A4 is no different. In fact, the design seems to be similar across all models; it's just available at variety of different sizes. The good thing is that due to that basic look across the whole range of Audis, your A4 won't date quickly and could achieve a good resale value. The best bit? Well, the headlights are graced with a bright line of LED pearls that look great.


Audi have been very clever here, they've cut down on the overly brutish engines, but improved performance, go figure? They do it by turbo-charging smaller engines and boy does it work. Let's put it this way, you won't be disappointed with the power at your right foot's disposal. Oh, and as an added extra, they are reasonably efficient too.

Ride and Handling

Again, as with all cars in this class, the A4 is left bowing to the BMW 3 Series in terms of handling. However, new adjustments have made to the latest A4 giving it more agile and better-riding by taking any excessive weight off the front wheels. Improvements have made it far better than its predecessor, but not quite as good as its main rivals. You can put up with it though, as the comfortable ride and quality inside make up for it easily.

Interior and Practicality

You find yourself running out of superlatives to describe the level of quality Audi run out time and time again - it is class leading. The driving console is extremely sleek. Oddly, it feels like the main console is made purely for the driver and not accessible to the passenger, which should appeal to the petrol heads amongst us. It feels very precise inside, but there is still plenty of leg and head room to keep everyone happy.

Financing a used Audi A4 on specialist car finance

Tailored used car finance deals are currently available for the Audi A4 from most finance companies via car supermarkets and the larger used car dealers. These cheap finance deals ensure that funding a used Audi A4 becomes a sensible and stylish choice for those interested in procure their A4 on finance.

To get an approximate figure for your monthly repayment try a car finance calculator,  it is still advisable however for you to talk directly to the dealership to discover what special offers are available before taking out finance and to ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the finance deal. I'd also recommend undertaking a quick 'Finance Check' and the good news here is that these do not effect your credit rating but do allowing you to see your credit status.

If you fancy an Audi, and you will, then the A4 is worthy of serious consideration. What it may lose to its rivals in handling, it adequately makes up for in the refinement and quality seeping beautifully from every pore.

5 / 5 stars

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