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How to choose the perfect Audi

How to choose the perfect Audi

Just by knowing that you want an Audi means you're already ahead of most people looking to buy themselves a new used-car. We don't have to tell you how many car manufacturers there are in the world, so settling on one make makes the rest of the decision process easy, right?

Well, not entirely. There are a few other things you need to consider before you even start browsing the Audi section

Let's break down what you need to think about in order to find the perfect Audi for you.


Know your budget

Audi A3

You're buying a used Audi, so your first consideration should be to determine how much you want to spend. It's going to have a big impact on the type of model you can get; after all, Audi is one of the top car manufacturers in the world.

It's not just the upfront cost of the car you need to think about either. The cost of running the car will be what impacts you the most going forward, so you'll want to ensure the amount sits comfortable within your budget.

Insuring your Audi is also crucial. The type of insurance premium you'll get may be determined based on the type of Audi model you have; for example, family cars will have lower premiums than fast sports cars, as the safety standards are considered higher.


Know your fuel efficiency

This might not be something you've considered before, but as Audi are known for producing cars that are more fuel efficient than some other manufacturers, it's definitely worth pondering.

The bigger the engine doesn't have to mean more power; Audi's economical cars can offer similar levels of power with lower fuel consumption. The Audi A6 is one such example.

Audi A6

Audi produces petrol, diesel, and electric engines for their cars, and your preference here will play a big role when you come to choose your model.


Know what you want from a car

It seems simple, but you'd be surprised just how many people buy a used-car only to trade it again a few weeks later because they hadn't thought about what they actually need the car for.

So, think about your day-to-day life and driving rituals:

If you need a family car with plenty of seats and storage space, you might consider the Audi A7, Audi Q5, or Audi A4. The Audi Q5 also covers you if you're looking for an SUV.

If you're looking for stylish sports car, the Audi TT or Audi A5 might be more up your street. The A5 is also available as a convertible.

Audi TT

If you'd prefer a small car, the Audi A1 is ideal.

Or if you're looking for a luxurious car for work and travel, take a look at the Audi A6.

Of course, if you're looking for used Audis in the Bristol area, then get yourself down to Carbase and you can view the whole range in person.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is Audi Connect?

Audi Connect provides the driver with information on weather conditions, traffic and directions. The system can also be connected to social media and has high speed Wi-Fi with search functionality.

What is Audi Quattro?

'Quattro' is an Audi sub-brand used to specify certain car models that have all-wheel drive (AWD) systems.

What is Audi Drive Select?

Drive Select allows you to adjust settings in your car to better suit your circumstances or surroundings, including transmission program, throttle sensitivity, steering weight, and in some cases the suspension settings.

What is Audi S tronic?

The Audi S tronic is a dual-clutch gearbox that allows the driver to change gear manually using the paddles on the steering wheel or automatically, if they would prefer.

What is Audi side assist?

Audi side assist has radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor blind spot traffic during lane changes and warns the driver of any potential hazards.

What is Audi multitronic?

Audi multitronic is a variable transmission that combines the convenience of an automatic transmission with the economic value of a manual gearbox.

How to use Audi MMI?

The Audi MMI (multimedia interface) can be used to control and play a range of media files through your car. Simply plug your device in to the relevant port and press the AUX button on the MMI panel to play your files.


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