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The Audi A1 is a great car in a small package

The Audi A1 is a great car in a small package

When it comes to small, cost-effective cars, Audi has never been in the forefront of our minds. Until now, that is. The Audi A1 has taken the supermini market by a storm and these cars are near enough flying off the shelves (or rather, flying out of dealerships). We take a closer look at why the Audi A1 has become so popular amongst motorists.

The look

From the outside, the Audi A1 gets our stamp of approval. The hatchback is compact and easy on the eye, with its smooth lines and sophisticated structure.

Inside the cabin, the classic, upmarket Audi feel is still present. The layout is well organised and refined, with all the handy gadgets easily accessible to the driver. You also have the added benefit of loads of boot space. Who could say no to a bit of extra storage space?

The drive

Compact, stylish and efficient, the Audi A1 is every motorist's dream car. With excellent grip, highly responsive steering and smooth transmission, the A1 is both enjoyable to drive and easy to maintain. Its small size makes parking stress-free and the low hum of the engine lets you sit back and enjoy the journey.

It might be a small car, but the A1 still has all the technological benefits of a larger Audi. From an adjustable steering wheel, to cruise control, to a radio CD with 8 speakers, to a Cloth Trim, to Power Windows and more, the standard version has a range of features that make the A1 so great. There's also the option of additional benefits if you have a bit of spare cash.

The safety

When it comes to safety, the Audi A1 blows other similar models out the water. After being crash tested by independent safety body Euro NCAP, the car was awarded a whopping five star rating (the highest you can get).  

The A1 comes fully equipped with a stability control system, helping the car automatically correct a skid in wet or icy conditions. In addition, it also has front, side and window air bags, so you can feel comfort knowing that the entire family is in safe hands.

The affordability

Quiet to drive, quick to respond and highly modernised, the Audi A1 is also reasonably priced. The manufacturers have gone out of their way to create a car with all the luxuries of a typical Audi model, but at a price people can afford. Shockingly, you can probably bag yourself an Audi A1 for less than a VW Polo and many Ford Fiestas. The only real difference is that with the Audi A1, you'll have the benefit of added power and style. Buying an A1 on finance makes great sense and if you organise a fixed-price servicing plan, servicing and maintenance costs are also kept to a bare minimum.

Ultimately, the Audi A1 proves that great things really do come in small packages. Its the perfect combination of elegance, power, range, diversity and perhaps most importantly, cost-effectiveness. Audi has really hit the nail on the head this time.

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