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Volkswagen Golf clubs rivals into submission

Volkswagen Golf clubs rivals into submission

If a cat has nine lives then it should live in fear for its cliché as the VW Golf has now gone through seven reincarnations and is still going as strong as it ever has done. Over the generations, the VW Golf has redefined what a family hatchback should be capable of and remains the benchmark for all its rivals to live up to.

This isn't just marketing speak piped out from the German car maker trying to brainwash every critic and driver in the world. The proof is in the pudding and the fact is that the VW Golf is Europe's best selling car for some time and has received the accolade of World car of the Year. But how does it manage it time and time again? Let's have a look at just how the Golf has conquered the hatchback market:

Evolution not revolution of design

Whatever vintage VW Golf you buy it will be instantly recognisable as Volkswagen's flagship model. The German car maker has been very careful to keep the inherent design and just tweak it to keep a loyal fan base happy. Even with its first look of straight lines and gaping mouth you would still recognise it next to its more curvaceous siblings. It's safe to say you know what you getting looks-wise and that is not a bad thing. You are buying a car steeped in history that has evolved to modern taste and still comes out with nods back to its illustrious past; which is no mean feat.

Excellent interior quality

Volkswagen has always excelled with regards to cabin refinement and this has helped raise the Golf out of the pack by being head and shoulders ahead on the aesthetic look and ergonomics inside. It is such a subtle trick that makes sure customers remain loyal and VW does not pander too much to the more premium German brands. It is its understated class that keeps drivers coming back and a guarantee in whichever vintage you buy.

Refined performance

A VW Golf is never going to blow your socks off for sheer dynamic performance when it comes to clocking a 0-60mph time. But there is more than enough zip when you consider that the Golf's premier aim is to be a reliable and comfortable family hatchback. As with everything else in the Golf's history it does refined performance that impresses effortlessly and if you want more there is always the GTI to look at.

Expert ride and handling

Agility is something that any vintage of VW Golf has been able to muster with a minimum of fuss. Not many cars can rival VW's hatchback for poise, precise steering, grip and control in the corners. It will never set a flame of passion under you when driving, but the confidence it offers even at high speed is phenomenal for a car of its stature; meaning you'll never be afraid to put your foot down.

Car finance deals for used VW Golfs

If you are looking to purchase your VW Golf on finance this is a good time to be buying as there are many excellent car finance deals around at the moment for secondhand Golfs. Most of the bigger used car dealers and car supermarkets offer finance from all the major finance companies so competitive options are to be had. The reliability of the Golf already make it a sensible option but when coupled to a great car finance deal it is an option that is hard to resist.

If you would like to know what monthly payments you might be making, try a car finance calculator. I would still recommend talking directly to the dealership to ensure that you cover all the terms and conditions and to learn what special finance deals are currently on offer. 'Finance Checks' are also worth undertaking to determine your credit worthiness and the good news here is that they have no effect on your credit rating.

The Volkswagen Golf's enduring appeal is that it can do everything without shouting about it and it's the car maker's innate confidence in its model that makes it a true world beater.

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