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Vauxhall Astra bunches up the class leading pack

Vauxhall Astra bunches up the class leading pack

Competitive people in life will try and drum into you that seconds are not good enough and being the best is everything, but it is not the case. Try telling a silver medallist at the Olympics that second is nowhere; they'll answer you with a nice shiny medal and then ask what you've done in your life. That's exactly what the Vauxhall Astra would say if it could speak and be ready to back it up with massive sales figures in both the used and new market.

The fact is that the Vauxhall Astra is pretty much stuck behind the VW Golf and the Ford Focus in the market, but in the motor industry being this close to the class leaders reflects well in the revenue stakes. It's regularly in the top three best-selling cars month on month for one reason only: it is a ruddy good all-round motor that should be taken seriously. Here's how it stacks up:

Better styling

Most of the cars in the Astra class are dulled down to make them more appealing to the mass market. The Astra veers away from this with neat design especially in later versions. Compared to the VW Golf that has remained the same for generations the Astra is better to look at. It has sharper lines and a more sculpted feel than its main rivals, which boosts its appeal as a true alternative in the class.

Touch of refinement

This is where the Astra looks to outshine its more lauded rivals; Vauxhall has started to add a much needed touch of flair and refinement to the finish of the Astra. Inside an Astra is a very nice place to be with soft-touch furnishings and a real effort to make the styling of the central console and dashboard feel premium and out of its price bracket.

Capacious practicality

One area where Astra can claim to be a class-leader is the interior space it serves up. There is plenty of head and legroom front and back, as well as a decent boot space. In the cabin you'll find an abundance of clever storage areas and a few neat touches to make accessibility easier; which is extremely useful in a small family car.

Good to drive and handle

One big pressure on the Astra is to perform in the driving stakes and it really does show the grit to compete. It boasts real agility to make going around corners not just an easy, but also fun experience. There is little body roll, precise steering and a smooth ride all making this a hoot on British roads. All in all as a driver you feel connected to the Astra, which makes all the difference when looking for reassurance in the corners.

Car finance deals for the Vauxhall Astra

Used car finance deals are readily available and quick to set-up for the Vauxhall Astra and with car supermarkets and the larger car dealers offering excellent low rate finance from the majority of the big lenders this is a great time to purchase a used Astra on Finance.

To see exactly what you might be expected to pay per month a car finance calculator is an excellent tool and when coupled with a 'Finance Check' will let you know your current credit worthiness and you will not have damaged your credit rating in the process. It is still advisable to talk directly to the dealer to understand the terms and conditions of any finance deals you are considering and to see what additional finance offers may be on the table.

The Vauxhall Astra may be the bridesmaid in most cases, but for that reason it can be a marriage made in heaven for many. Find out more details about our range of used Vauxhall Astra's today and you may be surprised at what we have on offer! ?

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