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The Renault Megane is not scared to take on the best

The Renault Megane is not scared to take on the best

Taking on the most fearsome all-round capable vehicle is not an enviable task, but consider the financial rewards on offer and it gives you an idea why Renault continues to take aim at the VW Golf's dominance. You may still be trying to shake Renault's "I see you baby" advertising campaign which extolled the virtues of their Megane's derriere from your mind, but one thing it does show is the effort that the French car makers is going to in order to challenge the class leadership. Despite attempts to make it big the Megane remains a fringe player, however it has to be given respect for not giving up the fight and here's how it stacks up:


The car with the ripe derriere was a rather ostentatious way of getting into the minds of the buying public and you get the feeling that Renault is slightly embarrassed by it. However, it will never shy away from pushing its design language to a new level given how staid in its styling that the Golf will always remain. The Megane has always been a pretty car with the voluptuous back end, pointed frontage and sleek body, which helps it stand out in an impressively capable bunch.

Interior and practicality

Interior quality has always been first rate with a Megane across its lifecycle. The French car maker's relentless strive for refinement has worked wonders as it goes beyond anything in class. The highly-desirable finish of materials is intertwined with a good driving position and excellent visibility. Space is at a premium in the back, but the perfectly-shaped and cavernous boot boasts added practicality. The level of technology is again bordering on premium standards with excellent connectivity and driver assists.

Ride and handling

The Renault badge does tend to conjure ideals of a great driving vehicle, but their vehicles don't always deliver. The Megane is not sporty by any means; however it does deliver a precise drive that inspires comfort and confidence on all road types. It highlights just how happy Renault is with Megane's chassis that it has rarely changed over its longevity and clearly there is something to be said for stability in engineering.

Performance and economy

The Megane does not pull up any trees in terms of performance, but it remains a perky, fun and reliable car to drive. Its ability to offer a frugal fuel consumption and decent economy ensures that the finance available on a Renault Megane at Carbase is not the only way to save money. Renault has tweaked its engines' performance and economy over time to stay on an even keel, which guarantees a driver peace of mind buying any Megane regardless of age.

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