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Is the charm of the C3 enough to swing favour

Is the charm of the C3 enough to swing favour

Is the Charm of the C3 Enough to Swing Favour

The supermini class is a segment that has changed immensely over recent years with the rise of smaller and cheaper city cars. That has pushed superminis into a more all round bracket where they have to offer much more space, but still the fun and efficient nature of the past. One manufacturer which you would expect to know more about this market than any other would be Citroen. The French car maker has been at the forefront of the small car segment for years and is always willing to stick its neck out with a new small car to test the water. The C3 is just one of their current crop and here is how it fairs in a highly-competitive genre:



character is something you are guaranteed when buying a small Citroen, as the car maker does not know how to curtail its French flair. The C3 is a stylish supermini without standing out in the crowd. It goes to form with the customisable DS3, so has the same desirable looks without the fuss which makes it a likeable car. The hunched up and sculpted front end is joined by a rather bulbous and steeply rising body, which gives it a charming look that is far more subtle than the popular DS3.on style.



Interior and practicality

There is no denying that the Citroen C3 is the sensible choice even within its own stable. That feeling is extenuated when you get behind the wheel with the level of finish extremely refined and well finished, which is not always the case in French superminis. In-line with this effort to be easier-to-live-with there is plenty of space throughout and is up there with the very best in the class. The most intriguing thing about the C3's interior is the exceedingly bright and airy nature due to the low windows.


Ride and handling

Traditionally, a French supermini meant riotous fun and it shows just how toned down the C3 is as it is not built for that purpose. Ride certainly takes precedence over handling with the C3 truly composed and stable at most speeds, but especially on the motorway. Despite the lack of verve and quality in the corners; drive the C3 how it is supposed to be piloted and you will have a small car with truly big car feel.

Performance and Economy

The practical nature of the C3 is again evident in the decent economical returns across the entire engine range. The grown-up nature of the supermini is continued in the shape of the modest power available in most engines. But the fact remains that if you are looking for a car that won't let you down and if you are not too worried about thrills, then you are in safe hands with a Citroen C3.


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