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BMW 5 series is the backbone of the manufacturer's success

BMW 5 series is the backbone of the manufacturer's success

The motoring industry has gone through many changes over recent years with improved models challenging the standards. BMW has followed these trends by manufacturing Sport-Utility-Vehicles in the form of the X range and the 1 series for premium hatchbacks as demand rose. However, it is the established models, like the BMW 5 series that remain one of its largest profit makers.

The executive saloon underpins everything good about BMW and its pursuit of excellence since its inception in the 1970s. Mid-size executive cars are the staple of the motoring industry with thousands of Brits using them to cruise up and down the motorway everyday. They have to be stylish, comfortable, refined, but able to transform into high performance motors when called upon. But what makes the BMW 5 Series so good? Let's take a look at its pedigree:


If you had a dream about what an executive car should look like then the BMW 5 Series would be there smiling back at you. Stylish, but understated the 5 series shows its class without overdoing it. The familiar double grill suits a saloon or estate style large car especially when the bonnet curves sharply down towards it. The strong lines throughout the length of the BMW 5 Series bodywork add the stately feel that is a prerequisite of any sumptuous German executive car.


Nothing short of perfection will ever do for the BMW 5 Series and it never fails to disappoint. The 5 Series engines are smooth and powerful with more than enough guts to shift you from A to B quickly with minimal fuss. The noise emanating from the bonnet is bound to keep you purring all the way to your destination whether it's a short or long way away.

Ride and handling

Sporty saloons are nearly always troubled when the road gets windy with bumps affecting the ride. However, the 5 series has always coped admirably with every road surface; able to cruise unconcerned up long stretches of motorway while having the grip and poise to cope with meandering country roads where most of its ilk have come unstuck.

Quality and practicality

All 5 Series cars come with an upmarket feel, being laden with technology that outdoes many of its rivals. Much like the outside the inside is restrained, but has a refined feel that you would expect from an executive car. It is always one of the more spacious execs, but with an exceptional driving console geared toward the driver, as is BMW's entire ethos.

Funding your used BMW 5 Series via specialist car finance

Adaptable used car finance deals can be easily obtained for the BMW 5 Series from several finance companies via car supermarkets and the larger used car dealers. This means that not only are there specialist low rate finance deals to be had, but also it helps to make a used BMW 5 Series a sensible and realistic choice for the majority of those wishing to buying their 5 Series on finance.

A car finance calculator will show you an approximate figure for your monthly repayment however it is prudent to talk directly to the dealership before taking out finance as great deals can often be had and to ensure that the terms and conditions of the finance deals on offer are fully explained to you. I'd also recommend undertaking a quick 'Finance Check' and the good news is that these do not effect you credit rating.

All in all, executive cars don't come any better with as strong a reputation as a used BMW 5 Series that continues to be at the top end of the class.

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