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Our April Fools Prank

Our April Fools Prank

On April Fools' day we announced our new personalised Zebra Crossing just outside the iconic St. Mary Redcliffe Church, which unfortunately was a joke. If only the Bristol City Council would come onboard with our idea...

Take a look below to see how we pulled this little stunt off:


The marketing team got together for a brainstorming session... (these can be very dangerous things!)


After drilling down on an idea we started by looking for one of these rare Zebras... 


We then sent Adam on a mission before rush hour starts in the morning to find the perfect spot...  


With the final angle discussed, we sent Adam back out! (the sky looks gurt lush!)


Once Adam arrived back, we set our photoshop guru to the test...


But it wasn't quite working... HELP?!


After having a little help and a different tool, ta-da!!

April Fools.

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