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Ford Mondeo is still the best of the rest

Ford Mondeo is still the best of the rest

Enduring appeal is something that car manufacturers crave, but is rarely achievable without some luck. The Ford Mondeo got its fifteen minutes of fame when Labour coined the "Mondeo Man" as the type of voter they needed to target in the run up to the 1997 election. This made the Mondeo come to the public's attention on a grand scale and even though premium executive saloons have taken some of the market away, the Mondeo is still a best-seller used and new. Here's why a new or used Ford Mondeo on finance is always a great deal and remains a thorn in the side of mainstream rivals and takes the fight beyond its class to the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes:

Subtle styling touches

Ford knows how to design cars that don't show off, but also don't get jumbled in with the common lot. The Ford Mondeo throughout its lifespan has been a good-looking car whatever vintage you are looking at. Understated elegance is what the Mondeo prides itself on with Ford's kinetic design theme adding to its looks when not moving. Whether you wait for a new model or buy used you will never look out of place anywhere you go.

Class-leading performance, economy and driving experience

When looking for a dynamic drive the marketing will tell you to go to the premium garages, but there's a reason why the Mondeo has won the title of European Car of the Year and many other accolades during its time. The Mondeo makes you feel like part of the drive from the moment you press the accelerator pedal down with a supreme chassis, remarkable agility and precise handling with plenty of feel. There's enough power and stability to keep you happy on the motorway and exceptional economy to make it an inexpensive to run motorway cruiser and family car.

Refined, yet practical and tech-laden interior

The Ford Mondeo is a large car offering bundles of space and practicality whether you plump for a saloon or estate version. In the front or back you will never be lacking for leg and head space; while the estate versions' cavernous boot can swallow up most items. The refinement levels are good as well with understatement again the name of the game for the Mondeo, however the equipment, clean and quality finish keeps the Mondeo at the top of its class and making advances on the edge of premium standards.

A Ford Mondeo on finance is a superb all-round package that sets the benchmark for what a mainstream saloon or estate should be.

4 / 5 stars
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