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Ford focused on being top of its class

Ford focused on being top of its class

Ford cars epitomise everything good about the motor industry. The car maker has been churning out mass produced, but well-built and great value vehicles for decades. This has made Ford cars some of the most popular vehicles in Britain's history right up until today. Since its inception in the late 1990s, the Ford Focus has been leading its class by some distance with only a handful of upstarts coming close to it in that time. But how has it kept up the pace for so long? Well simply by ranking highly in the following:


The Ford Focus has been pushing style boundaries in the hatchback market since its birth. Over recent years, Ford has invented a 'kinetic' design theme to make it look like it's moving when it is sat still on your driveway. Basically, clever indents and creases along the bodywork give this impression. All aspects of the car are built with aerodynamics in mind; with funky brake lights and a hunkered down bonnet not only looking good but also streamlining the model. Overall, it looks very much the stylish hatchback, especially in bright colours.


You won't be left lagging behind in the performance stakes with the Focus, as the grunt that is available across all engines is sure to impress. This power does not come at a cost as the economy for the range of engines is mindboggling. You can drive with your foot to the floor and still have cash in your wallet at the pump.

Ride and Handling

The Focus is always well-built meaning that when you are inside the cabin you feel comprehensively shut off from the outside world. Its' ride is comfortable, but not overly soft with a refinement to match any road surface thrown at it and at whatever pace. Handling wise it has huge amounts of grip and flat cornering that makes it one of the best in its class to drive quickly.

Interior and Practicality

The main console does have a resemblance to Lieutenant Worf's forehead from Star Trek, but in a good way. The digital interface is neatly contained inside the dashboard as not to be intrusive. The cabin is driver focused, complete with a nicely-designed wheel, but is also spacious throughout the front. It is a mix mash of quality finishes and practical materials that lend it to being a true family and everyday vehicle.

In regards to practicality, there are great cubby-holes all around the cabin to help store those all important essentials when out and about. It has ample space in the back and a boot area with an impressive amount of additional room when the seats are down. The Focus is all about functionally and is a good all-rounder compared to its rivals.

Financing a used Ford Focus on low rate car finance

There are more used car finance deals around for the Ford Focus than one can shake a stick at, all provided by the top finance companies via car supermarkets and the larger used car dealers. This mean that not only are there are specialist low rate finance deals to be had, but it helps to make a used Ford Focus an excellent and practical choice for those seeking to buying their Focus on finance.

A car finance calculator will give you an approximate figure for your monthly repayment however it is wise to talk directly to the dealership before taking out finance as special offers are often available and to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the finance deals offered. I'd also recommend undertaking a quick 'Finance Check' which allows you to check your credit eligibility and the good news is that these do not effect your credit rating at all.

If you want an everyday car, but with the power and drive to put a smile on your face then don't look any further than a used Ford Focus.

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