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Ford Fiesta is something to really rave about

Ford Fiesta is something to really rave about

In all honesty the Ford Fiesta's sales figures tell you all you really need to know about the car. Over four million have graced British roads since the first one rolled off the production line and it remains our nation's top seller year after year. Used or new Ford Fiesta's outsell all other Superminis in a highly-competitive market and here's why:

Styling tweaks

You have to admire the bravery of Ford; many manufacturers serving up a best seller would just keep bringing out the same car year on year in maybe a slightly different colour to maintain their leadership. But not Ford, they are happy to constantly facelift the Fiesta making it only vaguely recognisable from one year to the next. This courageous act has allowed them to stay at the top for so long. Whether Ford decides to sharpen the front or have a gaping Aston Martin-like grille, the Fiesta remains a handsome and desirable model.

Outstanding drive

This is the area where the Ford Fiesta excels and it has been in a class of its own for many a year. It's an astonishing feat of engineering to create a car with so much control, crisp handling, nimble responses and a smooth ride from a car that underneath is broadly similar to everything else on the market. It drives so well that it belittles its price tag and makes a mockery of far more expensive and premium motors. If driving experience tops your wish-list then the Ford Fiesta can be your first and only choice in the Supermini class.

Blend of durability and refinement

Manufacturers have a tough job in balancing the need for a well-put together cabin that offers sturdiness and also class, but Ford is one manufacturer that manages it time and time again. As the Fiesta offers unrivalled value-for-money in almost every way Ford has to ensure that the cabin is functional, yet looks the part. It does this with a mix-match of materials and design that flows throughout making it seem beyond its pay grade.

Power and economy

There is very little point in having a dramatic drive without the performance to back it up and the Fiesta has a staggering range of engines that offer all the power you will ever need in such a small car. Better still, the engine choices don't gulp fuel, have low fuel emissions and rarely break down; making a Fiesta great to scoot around town and keep your finances in the black. It's a real win-win situation.

Paying for a your used Ford Fiesta via cheap car finance

Personalised used car finance deals are widely accessible for the Ford Fiesta from various top finance companies via the bigger used car dealers and car supermarkets. Not only does this mean that there are specialist low rate finance deals to be had, but it helps to make a used Ford Fiesta an excellent and realistic choice for many of those interested in buying their Fiesta on finance.

While you can gain an approximate figure for your monthly repayment by using a car finance calculator it is still desirable to talk directly to the dealership before taking out finance. Special offers are often available and this ensures that you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the finance deals on offer. A 'Finance Check' is a quick and convenient way to pre-check you credit eligibility without leaving a footprint on you credit file so is also recommended.

Small cars simply don't come any better than a used Ford Fiesta; it has been that way for a while now.

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