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Audi TT is finely tuned to your needs

Audi TT is finely tuned to your needs

You are guaranteed two things when you buy an Audi: a good looking car and great quality throughout.  The TT model has been a real benchmark for the car maker as the first of its brood that could really be described as a proper sports car able to get the driver's juices flowing. When you choose a used Audi you are buying into a legacy that ticks all boxes, such as:


The Audi TT is instantly recognisable; from the curved roof, shell-like bonnet and shapely back, it all works. There's not a lot you can do that would add to its stylish looks, but it hasn't stopped Audi trying over the years. During its lifetime all aspects of the car have been made bigger and on closer inspections each panel seems different from model to model. However, whatever Audi TT you buy will still have those head-turning looks that made it such a hit since its inception.


The Audi TT has always been built to perform meaning that the available engines the bang for your buck and the punch that a sports car should. Oh and the accompanying soundtrack is enough to leave any true petrol head purring with contentment. The smaller engines really are perky enough to keep a smile on your face as much as their fiercer compatriots.

Ride and Handling

For a coupe you would expect the ride to be a little bumpy, but the Audi TT's ride is extremely comfortable. The low down driving position means that there isn't exactly a panoramic view of your surroundings. However, the immense grip means that you will always know that where ever you put the car entering a corner it is bound to be on line when you come out of it.

Interior and Practicality

When you step into an Audi TT you instantly feel the quality that you'd expect. There is no expense spared in the cabin with every dial and switch feeling like it belongs. The driving console is angled towards the driver and the flat bottomed steering wheel, just adds a different touch of class. This and the fact that the driving position is so low highlight just who Audi is trying to please when designing the TT - the person behind the wheel.

In terms of practicality the backseats are best kept to occasional, but when flattened open up a lot of space for excess baggage or shopping.

Buying a used Audi TT on low rate car finance

Custom used car finance deals are attainable for the Audi TT from the best finance companies via the bigger used car dealers and car supermarkets. This mean that not only are there specialist low rate finance deals to be had, but it helps to make a used Audi TT both an exciting and rational option for many of those wishing to purchase their TT on finance.

While a car finance calculator will help you gain an basic figure for your monthly repayment it is still advisable to talk to the dealership directly before finalising you car finance as special offers are often available and to ensure that you comprehend the terms and conditions of the various finance deals around. Undertaking a quick 'Finance Check' is recommended and the good news with these is that they do not effect your credit rating but they do enable you to see your credit worthiness.

The Audi TT will always be special, with the ride and handling to match its good looks. If you fancy a coupe as your next car then you will find the best examples of a used Audi TT Bristol at Carbase. 

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