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Audi A5 is the shining light of driving satisfaction

Audi A5 is the shining light of driving satisfaction

Audi A5 is the Shining Light of Driving Satisfaction

Audi is a car maker that knows exactly what it does best and sticks to it; namely style, refinement and technology. When you sit in an Audi you know you are getting premium in all aspects from the drive, interior quality to the distinctive looks. The Audi A5 now sells strongly around the globe making it one of Audi's top models; so much so its platform boasts three models. Here is why it has become so popular:



An Audi rarely disappoints in the looks department and it's the same with the Audi A5; whether you plump for a coupe, cabriolet or Sportback the styling works on all fronts. The unique headlight design to its mesh of straight lines and curves that Audi is famed for gives the A5 an out and out classy look that puts its rivals in the shade. Discretion is the better part of valour and the Audi A5 shows it.



Interior and practicality

For exceptional interior quality Audi has to be at the top of your wish list and the A5 delivers. The console is beautifully driver-focused, neatly-appointed and highly intuitive to be easy to use, which leaves you with no doubt that the most important person is the one behind the wheel. It's well-built, stylish and supremely-finished to put it instantly to the head of the class. Practicality is good as well with enough room for four even given the swooping roofline and there is reasonable amount of space in the boot. Class-leading is what the Audi A5's interior had to offer and it does.


Performance and economy

As a sporty coupe, the Audi A5 must provide adequate grunt to keep up with its rivals and it manages it. The German manufacturers are leading the world on getting more from an engine at a lessened environmental cost and Audi is right up there with the best. As well as power and economy in equal measure you are guaranteed a smooth ride full of gusto.


Ride and handling

Matching up to BMW is always going to be a struggle for the Audi A5, but it concentrates on its strengths instead of trying to conquer all. However that said, it does do a good job of smoothing over the cracks in the road with an enviable ride quality at most speeds. In terms of drive the A5 is probably the best of the Audi marque for agility, but it does fall short of matching the equivalent BMW. The Audi A5 is exceptional in whatever guise you choose and an Audi on finance makes sense given its strong residual values.


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