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Audi A3 sizes up and defeats rivals

Audi A3 sizes up and defeats rivals

Traditionally, quality cars have always been dominated by the larger and pricier end of the car maker's model ranges. The fine finishes found on formidable 4x4s and sleek saloons, rather than hatchbacks. However, times have changed and a light bulb came on at the German manufacturer, Audi's headquarters. It was less of advancement through technology, but advancement through common sense that led the car maker to shift its and the motoring industry's perspective towards quality for all and not just for the higher echelons of car buyers.

This brainwave gave birth to the premium hatchback movement, which has become one of the most highly competitive and lucrative markets in recent years. The Audi A3 was the trendsetter for the movement, not only because it was the first, but as it is the best. Here's why:


The important experience of buying a premium hatchback is there should be no discernible difference in the styling from larger models. The Audi A3 does this with the strong linked rings at the front blended in perfectly with a shiny grill that graces all Audi cars. Everything down to the shaped headlights is a carbon copy of its more illustrious stable mates. Audi have pulled out all the stops to make the A3 look as good as possible with no little differences to more expensive models, which is how a premium hatchback should be.

Premium performance

When you think premium performance then you want power and elegance; and with the A3 you get both intertwined beautifully. You will never lack for the punch to avoid trouble on the motorway and can rev up with an astonishing freedom. More importantly all this performance is matched by seclusion inside the cabin that negates the noise pollution outside.

Ride and Handling

The best way to describe the ride quality and handling is that just simply feels like a small Audi, which is exactly what it has to be. A premium hatchback must have the ride of its compatriots, but with a dose of fun chucked in to make it worthwhile and the A3 has this in spades. It feels comfortable on all roads, but has the spritely playfulness that makes a great hatchback.

Quality as standard

The quality is where you'd expect a premium hatchback to really come into its own and the A3 really does. It manages this with breathtaking quality for such a small car, but with simplicity that holds it apart from any of its rivals. The driver's console has the meticulous finish as all higher priced Audis, which leaves you wondering how you can get so much quality at a fraction of the price.

Funding a used Audi A3 on a cheap car finance deal

Flexible and cheap used car finance deals are now available for the Audi A3 from all the top finance companies via the bigger used car dealers and car supermarkets. Not only does this mean that there are specialist low rate finance deals to be had, but it helps to make a used Audi A3 a sensible and realistic choice for the majority of those interested in buying their A3 on finance.

A car finance calculator will give you an approximate figure for your monthly repayment however it is advisable to talk directly to the dealership before taking out finance, as special offers are often available and to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the finance deals. I'd also recommend undertaking a quick 'Finance Check'and the good news is that these do not effect your credit rating while allowing you to see your credit status.

A used Audi A3 defines the premium hatchback range and you won't find a better example among its rivals in class.

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