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Volkswagen Passat Review - Is it the best family saloon car?

Volkswagen Passat Review - Is it the best family saloon car?

Family saloon cars are split into two distinct segments; which are the premium priced end and the more reasonable options. Unsurprisingly, Volkswagen has a hand in both, as it serves up the Audi A4 in the premium market and obviously its own offering of the VW Passat in the other. This is already a plus for those buying a VW Passat as the discrepancies between the two may not be as large, if this was not the case.

However, VW has made life difficult by also manufacturing some inexpensive rivals, but no less worthy cars; especially in the shape of the Skoda Superb, which is as good as its name suggests. So why does a VW Passat keep selling so strongly and remain among the class best? Well, here are some clues to its continued success:

Refined and practical with good boot space

Volkswagen is the car maker that you would trust to build a solid, durable, refined and spacious cabin, bar none. Inside a Passat it is the standard VW treatment; with as much space as you could wish for and enough refinement to make it stand out above lower-end cars. The Passat does offer a sumptuous blend of durability, premium feel and space that is extremely hard to argue with for the price.

Sophisticated drive

If you want dynamic excitement then it is best to look elsewhere, but a VW Passat does offer admirable sophistication. Flamboyant it is not, but you won't find a more reliable motorway cruiser and all round smooth-riding saloon to make long journeys comfortable. The whole range has gutsy enough engines to keep you satisfied and the ride quality at all speeds will make you feel like your in a much larger, far more expensive car; which is what the VW Passat is best at.

Side view of VW Passat in grey
VW Passat steering wheel and interior
Inside of VW Passat boot

Affordable to run

The whole point of family saloons is to make motorway cruising and long distance travel affordable. That is exactly what a used VW Passat delivers with a frugality to its economy that puts the rest in the class to shame. Add to this the fact that Volkswagen has kept its eye on ensuring the Passat remains tax-friendly. You won't find better than a VW Passat for a car capable of racking up this amount of miles as comfortably and still not breaking the bank.

Has VW stopped making the Passat?

In July 2021, Volkswagen revealed plans to start discontinuing the Passat Sedan within the US market, with further plans to stop the production of the Passat in global markets following the 2022 model year.

The decision to kill off the Passat is based on the fact that this vehicle has faced several setbacks over the years and a catalogue of bad press after it was revealed that the diesel version of the car cheated on emissions standards, which ultimately led to it being scrapped as part of a negotiated trade-in program.

The good news is that Volkswagen confirmed that there are plans in motion for the Passat to be replaced by an electric car that will be known as the Aero B.

Looking to buy a new saloon car after 2023? Check out the Mazda 6 for a great understated alternative.

Car finance deals for the VW Passat

The purchase of a VW Passat on a specialist used car finance deal is a very sensible choice, particularly as the larger used car dealers and car supermarkets are offering exceptionally good rates at the moment. The quality and reliability of this car coupled to a good used car finance deal really make this a hard car to resist.

If you are considering financing your Passat, a car finance calculator will help view the options available to you before you speak to the dealership. Ensure that the terms and conditions of any offers that may be available are fully explained to you by the dealer when you do then talk. You may also be interested in trying a 'Finance Check' to establish your current credit position before talking out finance, particularly as they leave no footprint and therefore do not effect your credit rating.

A VW Passat is hard to fault and that can make it hard to lust after, but you won't find better value, refinement and practicality in the class.

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