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Insignia signals Vauxhall renaissance in the saloon market

Insignia signals Vauxhall renaissance in the saloon market

The family saloon market is a competitive one with all the mainstream brands slugging it out for the class lead, but most fall at the heels of the ever-popular Ford Mondeo. Over the last few years Vauxhall has really lost a lot of ground to the likes of its eternal nemesis Ford and even the likes of Hyundai, VW and Mazda in the race to build an exceptional family saloon while toiling with its Vectra model. However, the Insignia has truly revived its fortunes in the segment excelling in the areas that the Vectra consistently underperformed; here's how it shapes up:


Vauxhall have pulled a rabbit of the hat with their styling theme for the Insignia, which enables it to boast the dimensions of a large family saloon, but still look reasonably compact. Mainstream family saloons notoriously won't look as special as an executive saloon as they must appeal to all, but the Insignia manages to deliver sleek lines, a stylish back end and imperious upfront styling that adds to its appeal.

Interior and practicality

When delivering mainstream cars it is easy to just go for function rather than add a splash of design inside the cabin. The Insignia heralds a new start for Vauxhall's family saloon offering up an overhaul of the dash styling and technology to make it a far more appealing place to be; especially on long journeys. Practicality-wise there is plenty of space throughout; while the seats are immensely comfortable and bucket-like, soothing even the most strenuous of trips.

Performance and economy

Family saloons are like the donkeys of the motor industry being not only used for work, but also family life. Performance comes second to durability, economy and reliability, which the Vauxhall Insignia has in spades. It offers a driver a family saloon in a low tax bracket and a fuel economy that won't break the bank and a good build quality and the ability to keep going and going from short trips into town to long-haul motorway drives.


Driving-wise there are a bundle of good quality competitors that the Insignia has to live up to. It does well to match up to its rivals in class offering good all-round capability, but without ever losing the civilised ride and comfort at most speeds that is expected of a motorway cruiser and everyday car that is suitable for the hard yards.

This brings Vauxhall back into contention in the family saloon market and with great-value finance on a used Vauxhall Insignia, it is affordable too.

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